Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

Cultural News Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

Bruce Willis has announced his retirement due to health concerns. The actor shone throughout his career thanks to his numerous interpretations in more cult films than the others. If you want to immerse yourself in the filmography of Bruce Willis, we offer a selection of 8 essential films to be found on Amazon Prime Video.


  • 16 Blocks
  • Expendables: Special Unit
  • The fifth Element
  • looper
  • pulp Fiction
  • RED
  • city ​​of sin
  • Sixth Sense

16 Blocks

Bruce Willis becomes Jack Mosley in 16 Blocks. The production is signed Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon) and scripted by Richard Wenk. While Inspector Jack Mosley just wants to go home to relax after a long day at work, his superiors entrust him with a last-minute mission. The inspector must escort Eddie Bunker to the courthouse where the man will have to testify in a murder case. While the trip was supposed to take a few tens of minutes, everything will go wrong for Jack Mosley.

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Expendables: Special Unit

Expendables: Special Unit is the first film in a trilogy supervised by Sylvester Stallone himself. This component was born in 2010 and tells the story of the Expendables, a truly special unit. Obeying no government, the Expendables decide their own missions, always favoring the people for the benefit of money or states. As they become more and more important, the government decides to hunt them down in order to dismantle the group. Wanting to help the people of a South American dictatorship, the Expendables realize that there is a traitor among them who wishes to sell them to the US government.

Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

The fifth Element

Named for three Caesars, The fifth Element is a French science fiction film directed by Luc Besson released in 1997. In 1914, in an Egyptian temple, an extraterrestrial crew landed on Earth to take five elements: 4 stones and a humanoid being. 300 years later, a humanoid being, who responds to the name of Leeloo, survives this event and meets Korben Dallas, a taxi driver who happens to be a former soldier. Faced with Evil preparing to destroy the Earth, Korben decides to follow his heart and go to Phloston Paradise to protect Leeloo.


looper is a film by Rian Johnson (Star Wars Episode VIII) released in 2012 in our dark rooms. In the near future, a mafia has created a system to make any compromising witnesses disappear from radar. This method is simple: send the victims to the past in order to have them shot down by agents called the Loopers. One day, one of them discovers that he will have to kill a new victim, but he realizes that the latter is none other than himself, 20 years older.

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pulp Fiction

A variety from 1994 pulp Fictiondirected by the famous Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood). We consecutively follow three different stories that will intertwine. The first is about two thugs trying to save their boss’ girlfriend from dying of an overdose. The second tells the story of a boxer who risks his life trying to recover his father’s watch. And finally, the last tells us the best way to get rid of a corpse.

Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed


RED is an action comedy directed by Robert Schwentke (The Captain – the usurper) released in 2010. We discover the life of a former CIA agent by the name of Frank Moses (played by Bruce Willis). While he is just enjoying his retirement, he is surprised by a team of assassins. Trying to survive this ambush with his friend, Sarah Ross, Frank is already thinking of a plan to fight back. The ex-agent takes advantage of his reputation to reform his old brigade in order to thwart the plans of this group of criminals.

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Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

city ​​of sin

Author Frank Miller and director Robert Rodriguez invite you to discover city ​​of sin. Released in 2005 in our cinemas, Sin City is a Noir film supervised by the great Quentin Tarantino in person. In a city plagued by crime and corruption, Hartigan has sworn to protect Nancy, a stripper who means a lot to him. Through the eyes of several characters, we discover three stories that tell us how this city descended into chaos and decadence.

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Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is a thriller released in 1999 and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film focuses on the life of young Cole Sear, an 8-year-old boy haunted by terrible images. Being much too young to really understand what is happening to him, Cole withdraws into himself and has a morbid fear of others. The only person the young boy trusts is his psychologist. A doctor who will work with Cole and make him understand that he has greater power than he imagined.

Amazon Prime Video: 8 films with Bruce Willis not to be missed

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