“I have a very direct link with the Quebec public” – Mika

Mika had been waiting for two years to come and play for the Quebec public. After many postponements, the colorful European artist will come to celebrate the arrival of spring in a few days with his new tour, For the Rite of Spring. The newspaper had the chance to speak with the 38-year-old musician who is looking forward to crossing the ocean to come see us.

How excited are you to come and do these three concerts in Quebec?

“Quebec is a region that is very important to me. This is also why I invested so much last year in Star Academy. I admit that I’m just delighted not to have to spend two weeks in quarantine to be able to come and do these concerts. ‘Cause the last time was too much [rires] ! It’s so nice to find yourself in circumstances that are a little more joyful and free.”

Why did you decide to call this tour For the Rite of Spring?

The Rite of Springit’s a ballet by Stravinsky. But it’s also the title of a drawing I did when I transformed Paris into the biggest ephemeral gallery in the world. A year ago, I saw that all the billboards in Paris were empty. It made me sad. Usually they serve to announce events. But there they were just dead. With a little lobbying, I managed to convince [la compagnie propriétaire des panneaux] to give them to me. I commissioned ten works of art which were exhibited all over the city. I think we made 4000 billboards! […] Spring is rebirth. This is where we find our energy, our desire, our desire. I thought it was perfect for a tour that is leaving after two years of absence.

In addition to Montreal, you will play for the first time in Quebec and Saguenay. Why are you going to visit these new markets?

“It was a desire of the promoter to have me play there. I admit that I have a very direct link with the Quebec public. But I don’t go there enough. And so, I wanted to do something that wasn’t just a concert in Montreal. […] Is there always winter where you live? It’s crazy because for us, it’s over. I’m a little afraid to face winter. But otherwise, everything is fine!”

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Klô Pelgag will be your first part for these three concerts. Why did you invite her?

“I asked friends and also promoters who are in Quebec to send me the options of the most interesting and exciting artists of the moment. And the choice was pretty obvious. […] I really like what she does. I like the artistic force that it releases. I wanted something strong, not just someone different every night. It was a very conscious choice, and I’m glad she agreed to make it. I even tried to have him a little more in the American tour. But the logistics were too difficult and she was not completely available. We’ll start with that and we’ll see. But I’m very curious to see her on stage. I saw videos and I liked it a lot.

How did you experience the two years of pandemic in Europe?

“For me, it was really a suspended period. It helped my brain sort itself out a bit. Not only have I been able to manage a lot of things that have happened in my life. But also, I was able to settle down a bit and not just follow a frenetic pace that didn’t really suit me. […] It was a mixture of a very painful period, because there were lots of intense things that happened, and also a period of instability from a point of view business. At the same time, maybe that phase saved my creative process and potentially opened the door to the next phase of my career. Because here, I write in a completely different way, with a candor that is burning. It’s as if all my music and all my creative projects have regained an urgency and a purpose.”

What memories do you have of your time at Star Academy the last?

“First, it’s very easy to think you’re okay for two weeks [de quarantaine]all alone in a house in the woods, surrounded by snow. But in fact, I admit that it was much more difficult than I imagined! That said, it was probably very helpful. I needed it. I needed to separate myself from the whole world and focus on something else. […] If not, Star Academyit was very fun. We were able to mount TV moments that were very spectacular, in an industry where we have now lost a little bit of this culture of spectacular TV.

Mika will be performing in Quebec (Centre Vidéotron, April 7), Montreal (Centre Bell, April 9) and Saguenay (Théâtre du Palais municipal, April 11). For info: mikasounds.com.

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