“Only a few people decide for Quebec”, denounces Catherine Dorion

Catherine Dorion was moved before speaking, flanked by two spokespersons for Québec Solidaire (QS), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé. The MP for Taschereau says she made the leap into politics to change things from within.

Binding institution

Four years later, she still denounces the functioning of the National Assembly.

The National Assembly is an extremely restrictive institution, with rigid, old, outdated frameworks, which makes any freedom of speech and any popular political movement difficult.believes Catherine Dorion.

The MNA for Taschereau also maintains that it is difficult to establish the priorities of the majority of voters who did not vote for the party in power.

It is often difficult to get the information. There is also a lack of democracy within the ruling party. In the end, only a few people decide for Quebec. That’s why we need a constituent assemblyhammers the chosen one.

Catherine Dorion and Sol Zanetti during their election in Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alice Chiche

strong majority

In the last provincial elections, in 2018, Catherine Dorion was elected in her riding, in downtown Quebec, with 42.52% of the vote. The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) won 18.98%, the Liberal Party (PLQ) 17.66%, followed by the Parti Québécois (PQ) with 17.64% of the vote.

The first member of Quebec Solidaire in Taschereau had succeeded the PQ Agnès Maltais, who had bowed out after 20 years of active politics.

Catherine Dorion gives a speech under the freeway ramps at Îlot Fleurie with people holding signs behind her.

Catherine Dorion, the solidarity MP for Taschereau.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Erik Chouinard

Several causes

For four years, Catherine Dorion actively campaigned against the 3rd link project, against misinformation and for public transit. She wants to continue to fight these battles and to be active, but at her own pace.

My personal project may fit with the project I want for Quebec. Quebec must stop running like a chicken without a head. We’re all going to be better off. Maybe in the revolutions we have to do, it’s sometimes to do less and not always more, to win battlesshe says.

The future tramway of Quebec.

The future tramway of Quebec

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

Active for tram

Completion of the tramway project is still one of its priorities.

This fight I want to do. It’s going to be a real battle to fight, but I find it extremely exciting. Ten years after ten years, we get destroyed by a clique in Quebec. All active transportation projects have always been planted by the same little cliquelaunches Catherine Dorion.

Catherine Dorion, Solidarity MNA for Taschereau

Catherine Dorion, Solidarity MNA for Taschereau

Photo: Radio-Canada

Nice experience

The MP does not come out bitter from her adventure in politics. It also invites citizens, regardless of their allegiances or opinions, to present themselves in politics.

The adventure, the intensity, the degree, it’s a whole school, it’s a whole battlefield. It is something that nothing else can allow us to experience. I suggest it to everybodyshe says.

QS spokespersons paid tribute to him. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois drew a parallel with another former member of his training, Amir Khadir.

I consider myself very lucky, privileged, to have been one of the very few people in Quebec who worked alongside these two outstanding MPs. They each had in their own way the free door, the frank speech, uniquehe pointed out.

I am happy that Catherine made this passage with us to shake the pillars of the temple as Québec solidaire does. What makes me happy is that now the people of Taschereau and Quebec know what it is to have a supportive MPadded Manon Massé.

The actress and author ensures that she will continue to campaign alongside QS. Catherine Dorion even promises to campaign, during the next elections, with the person who will be designated as the next candidate in Taschereau.

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