Quebec solidaire: Catherine Dorion believes that the National Assembly is “past date”

MNA Catherine Dorion will continue the fight for Québec Solidaire “in the street”. His observation after four years in the National Assembly: the democratic institutions are “outdated”.

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The MP for Taschereau, who leaves no one indifferent, explained Monday her decision not to run for the next election.

In addition to wanting to spend more time with the people she loves, Dorion wishes “to give someone else the chance to get to know this marvelous world of institutional politics”, she affirmed, with a background of irony.

After one mandate, she notes that “the National Assembly is an extremely restrictive institution with rigid, old and ‘outdated’ frameworks” which “make social transformations difficult”.

According to her, the real democratic weight of the opposition parties is not represented in the political decisions of the government. It is “very difficult to make the will of the citizens exist” who voted for her, criticizes the elected official.

“These are a few people who, for four years, do pretty much what they want,” she said, directly targeting the Executive Council and those close to the Prime Minister.

“That, for me, is very serious. This is unacceptable and it shocks us every day.

write laws

Asked about her role as a legislator as an opposition MP, Dorion admitted the important work that must nevertheless be done by all elected officials.

“There is still something to do […]. There are bills that are written and discussed. Even if we have zero percent of the power, we have to go and check,” said the MP, adding that it is possible to win some battles.

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She also maintains that her time in politics will have been “a cursed beautiful adventure”. A passage that she advises everyone, because it is “worth it”, she admits. “People who want to brew the apple tree and transform have to go inside. But others must also challenge it from the outside.”

Radio X and the Conservatives

Moreover, Catherine Dorion is not surprised by the rise of Éric Duhaime and the Conservatives in the Quebec region.

“When you listen to Radio X, Éric Duhaime is there almost every day. The animators give him free publicity every day. It is a radio that is still listened to in Quebec. We have a private radio station that has turned into an electoral machine for Éric Duhaime,” pleaded the one who now intends to campaign against this “clique” that crashes all projects and harms the development of the National Capital.

“The tramway is the battle to be waged. The left and the people of Quebec must understand that if we want to get out of this reign for good, where it is impossible in Quebec to have things that improve mobility, that improve living together and that make the city more beautiful […] we will have to fight this battle.”

Proud of her heritage

Mme Dorion said she was proud of her record, the fight for the tramway, the fight against the third link and the fight against misinformation in certain media. She regrets nothing, is not bitter or disillusioned.

What makes her particularly proud is to have added “passion”, “emotion” and “art” in politics.

“This is what social movements lack. What is missing in politics at the moment is a collective emotional intelligence,” she describes.

The parliamentary leader of QS, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, mentioned that the deputy had transformed political life like Amir Khadir before her. “She continued a tradition of solidarity by shaking up habits,” said GND.

His colleague from the Quebec region, Sol Zanetti, underlined his pain at losing his accomplice, but he intends to campaign alongside him and hopes to change the system from within, at the heart of the National Assembly.

“It’s a system that needs to be changed. There is a democratic deficit,” he said.

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