where will it stop?

The Batman continues its pretty race at the box office and is about to exceed the suicide squad of 2016 (so there is justice).

From its cast, its director and its serious tone sold through exciting trailers, The Batman directed by Matt Reeves was expected by many as the superheroic messiah of this beginning of 2022. Fortunately, even without being perfect, the feature film with Robert Pattinson at least knew how to excite and bring together spectators in cinemas.

Witness the nice start of this Batman at the box office, which gave hope for the potential glorious course of the new adventures of the Dark Knight on the big screens around the world. The weeks pass, and it is clear that this The Batman doesn’t seem to have made all the noise for nothing.

american batman

Indeed, after five weeks of operation all over the globe, the blockbuster at 200 million (excluding marketing) surpassed the symbolic mark of 700 million dollars raised worldwide. The more than 10 million amassed in recent days in the United States bring the domestic box office up to around 349 million. A beautiful score which imposes the detective as the biggest success released in 2022 to date, in front of Unexplored and its almost 140 million accumulated.

A show of force that allows The Batman of your pleasure as the Bat’s third-highest-grossing domestic box office. He is in front batman begins (205 million) and batman versus superman (330 million), and behind The dark knight rises (448 million) and The black Knight (534 million).

Note that another DC production stamped Warner displayed similar success in the United States : the Joker directed by Todd Phillips, which had collected more than 335 million dollars on American soil.

Robbery for Warner with The Batman?

wonder batman

With more than $361 million collected internationally, The Batman is therefore to date more than 710 million cumulative at the box office. A world score that places him, within the DC team, above the Justice League of 2017 ($657 million), and not far from suicide squad of 2016 (746 million).

For superhero comparison, The Batman stands in front strange doctor (677 million), at the level of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (714 million), and not far from X-Men: Days of Future Past (747 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy (774 million).

In the Batman family, the film is far ahead of the adaptations made by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher, which oscillate between 238 and 411 million dollars (excluding inflation). As for the Christopher Nolan trilogy, The Batman proudly exceeds batman begins (nearly $374 million), but remains behind the following shutters once again (more than a billion for NO and TDKR).

Batman: picHow far will the Dark Knight go? That is the question

The Batman also stands out as the biggest success for a Warner Bros film since the start of the pandemicthe 400 million collected thanks to Dunes didn’t help lift the studio’s morale after the giga-flops of The Suicide Squad and Matrix 4. To see how the scores of the new Dark Knight adventures will evolve.

The Batman can he go as high as wonder woman (821 million)? Will this be possible against the blockbusteresque competition of April? Certainly, Morbius doesn’t seem like a big threat right now, but the arrival of Sonic 2 and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets risks hurting Bruce Wayne and his pals as the month goes by.

Let’s add to that the arrival of the film on the HBO Max platform on April 19 in the United Statesand it’s a safe bet that the craze for the Dark Knight will soon suffocate in cinemas.

As a reminder, the very average Sonic 2 will disembark in US cinemas on April 8.

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