Catherine Dorion returns home

The departure of Catherine Dorion from political life, after the present mandate, has aroused astonishment in the general public, but not in those around her, who knows how much she has missed art since 2018.

During a big interview, three years ago, Catherine Dorion confided to me how much writing books and for the theater, alone with herself in the woods, could miss her.

This passionate activist was bored with this atmosphere that promotes creation, and she told me this: “In the artistic world, undoing the molds, the rules, and bringing in new blood is encouraged. In politics, we demand the opposite. »

This sentence sums up why the hon. member for Taschereau refuses to run for a second term. We have the feeling that the National Assembly, “an extremely restrictive institution with rigid, old, outdated frameworks”, she said, and which makes “any freedom of expression or popular movement difficult”, stifles it .

Concentration of power

However, the artist does not regret his involvement, which was stormy at times. She invites all those who, like her and Québec solidaire, are in favor of institutional reform to get involved and contribute to it. She denounces in passing that only a few people, around the Prime Minister, are currently deciding for Quebec.

“What I find interesting in Catherine’s message is that there is a critique of our political institutions, but a critique that never falls into cynicism. She doesn’t say “It’s difficult and don’t go for it”, but “It’s full of problems, but go for it anyway”. We need people in Quebec politics who say that. Amir Khadir said that, ”said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois yesterday.

The latter hopes that this is the message that people will remember from Catherine Dorion’s passage in politics.

“A streetcar named desire. We are not alone,” reads a large poster from the MP’s riding office, where she met the media yesterday morning.

As an elected representative for the Quebec City region and responsible for transportation issues, Catherine Dorion has made her battles against a third link and for the construction of the tramway real priorities.

But her departure from political life does not mean that she is giving up, on the contrary, specifies the main interested party. “I will continue to be an influencer,” she told me after the press conference, establishing the tramway as “THE” battle to be fought for Quebec.

little click

Catherine Dorion is also one of the only elected officials in the region to stand up against what she calls the “little Quebec clique”. That of certain radio hosts who destroy any public transport or sustainable mobility project in Quebec. And which plant whoever tries to improve these aspects however essential to the development of the area.

This clique “had the field open before, but not anymore, because the people of Quebec have had enough and also because the city is changing,” she argues.

Whether she is surprised by the rise of the right and the Conservative Party of Quebec in the region, the elected official does not hesitate to denounce the fact that Radio X, a private station, “has turned into an electoral machine for Eric Duhaime”.

She points out that the latter finds himself on the air at this station almost every day, with hosts who give him “free advertising”.

I listened to him yesterday and I said to myself that Quebec really needed elected officials of its caliber, authentic, even if they are not unanimous. Despite a too short passage, without a doubt, Catherine Dorion was able to make the difference.

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