Children murdered in Wendake: the father gets carried away during the fixing of his trial

After a particularly stormy hearing, due to the behavior of the accused, the date of his trial was set in his absence.

middle finger

After sitting in the dock, the 32-year-old gave the middle finger to his ex-spouse, mother of the two children killed.

The woman was accompanied by her father, grandfather of the victims, who expressed his disgust at the gesture of his ex-son-in-law.

Michaël Chicoine then grew impatient when the prosecution lawyer gave an update on the case.

The alleged murderer then made comments that raised eyebrows in those present in the courtroom.

I’m very sorry for what I just heardthen reacted his lawyer, Me Pierre Gagnon.

The defense lawyer, Me Pierre Gagnon

Photo: Radio-Canada

He indicated that his client needed care, which he was not currently receiving.

After a break, the lawyers returned to the judge to set a trial date.

We’ll let him calm down

The magistrate then told the correctional officers that it would not be necessary to bring the accused back.

We’ll let him calm downvoiced Judge Raymond W. Pronovost.

The trial was subsequently set for September 12, for a period of 5 weeks.

Jean-Simon Larouche will present the evidence of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP).

Since this is a jury trial and in order not to interfere with the judicial process, the judge issued an order preventing the broadcast of the comments made by Chicoine during the hearing.

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