Édouard looks back on his experience at Star Académie

It was Édouard Lagacé’s turn to leave his friends on Sunday, after Olivier Bergeron and Julien Charbonneau were saved by the public and the teachers. His experience at Star Académie allowed the 27-year-old from Cowansville to fall back in love with music.

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Édouard, what did you think of your performance on Tonight love is in your eyesof Martine St-Clair?
I’m proud of it and I hope I managed to touch people with it. I also want to have offered a service that lives up to what Star Academy.

How did you spend your last week?
Knowing since my endangerment that it was perhaps my last moments at the Academy, I tried to make the most of it. It is such a privilege to rub shoulders with professors like Lara, Gregory and Guylaine, who agree to share their experience with us. I also made the most of the time spent with my friends from the Academy. It is sure that we will see each other again, our common experience was really beautiful and intense.

What do you have to say about Olivier and Julien, who were also in danger?
Olivier and I got closer as soon as we were confined for a month at the hotel. We immediately had a bond, perhaps thanks to our similar sense of humor, then we became roommates in Waterloo, which cemented our ties. Julien is a heart on two legs. He has extraordinary emotional intelligence and is full of empathy, in addition to having extraordinary vocal control. They are two guys that I adore, I’m already bored!

We saw Camélia, who considered you her big brother at the Academy, worry about your departure. Do you have any advice for her for the rest of her adventure?
Camélia is almost 10 years younger than me and we made a lot of jokes about our age difference. We teased each other and she became the little sister I never had. I would like to remind her that she has a unique voice and incredible talent. She also has a very impressive track record for her age. She needs to trust herself. I am convinced that she will go far!

You, what advice do you retain from your visit to Star Academy?
In addition to being a musical adventure, it was one of introspection. I learned a lot about myself. In fact, my time on the show reignited a spark of passion in me. I’ve been making music for seven years and, without saying that I no longer liked making it, I no longer made it with the same passion. My experience allowed me to relearn to love music as before.

Photo: Eric Myre

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Were you impressed by any of the season’s guests?
When I learned that Stromae would be one of the guests, I really hoped to stay long enough to share the stage with him. He did not disappoint me. He is a super nice, humble and generous artist. Beyond music, he is a performance enthusiast who wants to touch people. He does it with simplicity and precision, he is very impressive!

The Thousand Time Waltzby Jacques Brel, in Serge Denoncourt’s issue, was it a challenge?
Ah, this waltz! It’s not a type of song that I’m used to doing. I must have repeated it a billion times… and I’m not exaggerating that much! (laughs) I felt like everything would be fine, then I got the second sentence wrong. It’s okay, I participated in Star Academy to learn and get out of my comfort zone, and I think I picked myself up pretty well for the rest of the song. I hope Serge Denoncourt was satisfied with the overall result.

What are your plans?
I have to go to the notary to finalize the purchase of a theater with my partners. I also have to get back to work on the Soif de musique festival in Cowansville, which I am organizing and which will take place from July 7 to 10. I give myself a simple and clear goal: to compose a song.

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