Inexorable with Benoît Poelvoorde and Mélanie Doutey: review, trailer and interview

By Laura B., Julie M. Posted Apr 5, 2022 4:02 PM

“Inexorable”, the next film with Benoît Poelvoorde, will be released in theaters on April 6, 2022. In this thriller by Fabrice Du Welz, Poelvoorde plays opposite Mélanie Doutey and Jackie Berroyer, in particular. A film that tells a horrible story in a very aesthetic way.

After Worship in 2020, Benoit Poelvoorde is again showing a movie directed by the Belgian Fabrice Du Welz. the Thriller in French Inexorable goes out to movie theater the April 6, 2022.

Inexorable is the 7th fiction feature film by Fabrice Du Welz after, in particular, Calvary (2004), Foal 45 (2014), King’s message (2016) and Worship (2020). the movie was shot on film.

In his new Thriller in Frenchthe director directs, again Benoit Poelvoorde (later in the year in colors of fire, The Green Shutters…) as well as Melanie Doutey (in the credits of Time of Secrets released on March 23). But also Jackie Berroyer (already in Calvary), Anael Pike (Worship, Arthur Rambo…), Alba Gaia Bellugi (Untouchables, The Office of Legends…), Catherine Salee (currently in They are alive) and Janaina Halloy Fokan.

Synopsis :

On the death of her father, a famous publisher, Jeanne Drahi (Melanie Doutey) moved into the family home with her husband, Marcel Bellmer (Benoit Poelvoorde), a successful writer, and their daughter (Janaïna Halloy-Fokan). But a strange young girl, Gloria (Alba Gaia Bellugi), will interfere in the life of the family and upset the order of things…

The teaser :

Our review :

In Inexorable, Fabrice Du Welz tells us a horrible story in a magnificent setting: that of a castle surrounded by trees. Against the background of Unless you are the LordVivaldi’s cantata.

The peaceful life of the couple formed Benoit Poelvoorde and Melanie Douteyauthor and publisher, will be shattered with the arrival of the character of Gloria, remarkably interpreted by Alba Gaia Bellugi. Shy, withdrawn at first sight, she seems to be formidable behind this facade. And his arrival in the family is associated with a strange atmosphere which is gradually established, distilled by the director. His presence makes Marcel (Benoit Poelvoorde), the writer, more and more nervous. It is difficult to understand what she wants, to the point of wondering if she is not an erotomaniac. In any case, it will sow chaos. The wolf entered the sheepfold.

Inexorable takes a while to start: Fabrice Du Welz installs his story for a long time, he voluntarily takes his time, with a certain pleasure, before the aspect Thriller in French finally take over the movie. The tension increases crescendo.

In this horrible story, the director slips in very beautiful shots, as he knows how to do, especially of the sky, but also at night, in the rain, with halos of light. It also offers improbable scenes like when for her birthday, Lucie (Janaina Halloy Fokan), the daughter of Melanie Doutey and Benoit Poelvoordeproposes a dance on music… metal. A scene that made us laugh a lot. From Fabrice Du Welz all spit.

The interview :

In which theaters near me is the film screened? Inexorable ?

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