Kirby rewarded at the last GRAMMYs – Consecration for The 8-Bit Big Band – Nintendo

Decidedly, the world sees life in Kirby ! here was taking place at Vegasthe 64th Annual Grammy Awards which rewards every year the best recordings, compositions and musical artists of the year. Among the big winners of the evening, we find in particular the jazzman, Jon Batiste and the group Sonic Silk from Bruno Mars. But more surprisingly, the little pink ball of HAL laboratory finds himself rewarded thanks to the group The 8-Bit Big Band who receives the prize forBest Arrangement – Instrumental or A Capella” for his revisited version of the song Meta Knight’s Revenge Game Kirby Superstar. For memory, Kirby Superstar East came out in the middle of 90s on super nintendo. It is also known in Europe under the title of Kirby Fun Pack and got a remake on NDS. It’s a real surprise to find this title in such a ceremony and even more simply, a video game. This shows how the 10th art is now recognized. It is also a consecration for The 8-bit Big Band, a super big band bringing together musicians from all over the world passionate about video games which for years has been offering loads of revisited 8-Bit tracks on their Youtube channel.

While waiting to go and have a look, we invite you to discover below the rewarded version of The 8-Bit Big Band from Meta Knight’s Revenge arranged by Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman. As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

THIS ARRANGEMENT HAS NOMINATED FOR WON A 2022 GRAMMY AWARD! In the category “Best Arrangement – Instrumental or A Capella”! A big thank you to all those who listen and support us!! So STOKED to have the amazing composer/keyboardist Button Masher in this crazy Jazz Fusion Big Band arrangement from Kirby Superstar’s Meta Knight’s Revenge! My favorite entry in the series. The original arrangement was done by Button Masher and he was generous enough to allow me to expand it for our full orchestra! There are some really flamboyant horn lines here plus some amazing re-harmonizations from Button Mashers!! Also just to say, this video was recorded well over a year and a half ago way before the COVID era! So don’t worry about security Lots of new videos are coming so be sure to like and subscribe! Follow The 8-Bit Big Band on social media for behind-the-scenes video and updates on new releases!

The 8-Bit Big Band” is a 30-65 member jazz/pop orchestra that formed to celebrate and perform some of the best themes in video game music from all consoles and all eras arranged in a grand Jazz/Pop/Rock ensemble!Blending timeless musical themes from Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and more by rearranging them into genres and styles of all musical inspirations, the 8-Bit Big Band has members from all over the world, but most reside primarily in New York City, and are among the most sought after musicians and performers.

As a reminder, Kirby is currently on Nintendo Switch with Kirby and the Forgotten World. More info with our previous news. You can preview the game with its free demo currently available on the Switch eShop and with our complete test to read HERE.

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