Scathing clash between Legault and GND on the environment

In a tough exchange at the National Assembly, the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, accused the Prime Minister of being “overwhelmed” as an individual, by his time and by the environment. François Legault replies that the solidaries are doing old politics “past date”.

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“At the end of the week, there is a minister who confessed without embarrassment, he said that it was impossible for him to do his job. Unfortunately for the future of Quebec, this minister is the minister responsible for the fight against climate change,” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

He was reacting to a statement by Minister Benoit Charette this weekend in The Press that it is impossible to increase the GHG reduction target in Quebec, as promised by the opposition parties in Quebec.

The Legault government plans a 37.5% reduction in emissions by 2030, while QS, in particular, is committed to a 55% reduction.

However, according to the most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), humanity has less than three years to reverse the curve of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Quebec is capable of doing more. It will take ambition, courage, and it will take vision and above all it will take a government capable of looking a little further than the end of its nose, ”said GND.

“The Minister of the Environment has resigned in the face of the climate emergency. Will the Prime Minister ask his Minister of the Environment to resign? asked the solidarity.

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“Past date”

This recrimination made the Prime Minister jump, who tried to rectify the situation.

“The parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire knows very well that what he has just said is not correct. The Minister of the Environment has never said that it was impossible to do more in the environment”, first mentioned Mr. Legault, before counter-attacking and winking at Catherien Dorion, who considers that the National Assembly and the democratic institutions of Quebec are “outdated”.

“And what is the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire doing? He calls for the resignation of a minister […] Québec solidaire is doing outdated politics.”

Young people

According to GND, “it’s because of politicians like the Prime Minister, his fatalistic speeches, his loser speeches. The planet is burning and the Prime Minister justifies inaction. It’s irresponsible, ”he railed, arguing that young people who will learn about this exchange between him and the Prime Minister will understand why Quebec is failing in the fight against climate change.

François Legault immediately took up the ball, believing that “young people who listen wonder why there is still old politics” like that of QS which is done in the National Assembly.

1950 and cloud shoveler

The parliamentary leader of QS, however, added a layer, going so far as to say that the Prime Minister was a person out of his time.

“Sometimes I listen to the Prime Minister talk about the environment and I tell myself that he would like to govern Quebec in the 1950s. no problem with a debate on a tramway, there would be no problem with urban sprawl. The Prime Minister is outdated by science, he is outdated by his time. In fact, Mr. President, the Prime Minister, he is overwhelmed, period,” he added.

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In order to conclude the fiery debate, the Prime Minister praised the CAQ’s environmental record, while describing the solidarity workers as cloud shovelers.

“The CAQ government is proposing $56 billion in public transit investment and a $7.6 billion plan. What does Québec solidaire offer? $60 billion? $80 billion? $100 billion? The answer is that they have no damn idea. All they want is to be able to shovel clouds,” he said.

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