The Dreamer — Becoming Karen Blixen, the author’s story behind the cult film Out of Africa

Karen Blixen is a major figure in 20th century Danish and Anglo-Saxon literature. But before becoming an icon, she had great difficulty getting published. Discover the story of the author of The African Farm, which inspired the Oscar-winning Out of Africa, in a series that competes in Canneséries.

Go figure why, we feel an absolute fascination for the works that speak of the authors. In the cinema, on television, in literature: we consume everything related to the exercise we practice ourselves on a daily basis.

Thereby, The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixenwhich is currently competing at the Canneséries festival, is undoubtedly one of the series we were most eagerly awaiting in the competition.

And despite its lengths, we are rather a client of this Danish program, created by Dunja Gry Jensen.

The Dreamer, the story of Karen Blixen’s complicated start in the harsh world of literature

It all starts in Kenya, where Karen Blixen writes a suicide note. Consumed by an illness that she does not name, ruined by the collapse of her coffee plantation, she sees no way out of her torment.

However, she fails to end her life and quickly finds herself in Denmark, in her family home, taken in by her mother, who is very worried.

In the huge house, she shares gloomy meals with her sister and brother, who intend to help her survive by housing her and giving her a pension. But on certain conditions, which imply in particular that she remains in Denmark.

Karen, in the grip of depression, drags her carcass from one end of the large garden to the other, the ghost of her dead husband stalking her everywhere.

And then finally, Karen tries to find a way out of her inner hell. She has always written and drawn, but had never thought of making it her profession.

He then came up with the idea of ​​writing 9 short stories, which would constitute a collection. Very quickly, she accomplishes her project, but very quickly too, she experiences the difficulties related to the field she exercises.

Indeed, all the manuscripts she sent to publishing houses come back to her, without even having been read. Never resigned, she travels to London to convince the largest publisher in Great Britain to publish her collection. Once again, she fails.

But Karen Blixen warms herself with a sacred wood and, stubborn, she does not admit defeat.

The sequel, you know it, or at least you will end up knowing it thanks to Dunja Gry Jensen’s program, which sheds light on the astonishing career of a world-famous author, who has published under various pseudonyms, including Tania Blixen, Osceola and Pierre Andrézel.

The Dreamer, contemplative series, whose forces operate from within

At first sight, The dreamer may seem harsh. All in languor and length, the Danish series decides not to spare its audience, offering the naked story of a woman in the throes of doubt.

If it’s easy to get into the program, it’s less easy to stay focused on the length, probably because we’re too used to Netflix series that swing plot twist every 5 minutes.

But when we manage to subdue our consumption habits, and we indulge in the story of Karen Blixen, we come out nourished, necessarily more informed, and completely fascinated by the resilience of this woman, who does not balk at any difficulty to achieve its goal.

We also salute the admirable performance of Connie Nielse, a formidable actress acclaimed internationally, whom you were able to see in particular in Gladiator and The Devil’s Associate.

The Dreamer — Becoming Karen Blixen does not yet have a release date in France.

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