The Eternals honored at the GLAAD Awards, a producer is committed to LGBT rights

Complicated period for LGBT rights across the Atlantic. A very powerful Marvel producer wants Marvel to take action against the liberticidal laws discussed in three American states.

When they released in November 2021, there was a lot of talk about the Eternals for reasons related to the story. First, for its achievement: at the helm of these new avengerswas filmmaker Chloé Zhao, Oscar winner in 2021 for the contemplative nomadland. Then, there was a lot of talk about the presence of openly LGBT vigilantes: a first for the heroes of the Marvel universe. Finally, we talked a lot about the very disparate reviews of the feature film… Even at Ecran Large, we haven’t really settled the question.

Six months after its release in cinemas, the film has just been distinguished by GLAADa powerful association that ensures the fair representation of LGBT people in the media. The film received the “Outstanding Film” trophy, the main prize awarded by the association at the GLAAD Media Awards ceremony: a first for Marvel (and more generally, for a superhero film. The opportunity for the film crew to pose as a supporter of the LGBT cause.

Brian Tyree Henry, the MCU’s first openly gay hero

It must be said that the period is particularly difficult for LGBT Americans. Several coordinated legislative initiatives in local legislatures in Arizona, Texas and Florida seek to reduce the visibility of LGBT people. One of the most controversial: the “Don’t Say Gay” law, signed a few days ago, which prohibits talking about sexual orientation in Florida schools. The argument of the Republican parliamentarians carrying this law wants LGBT people to be “tolerated” on the condition of not talking about their identity…

Disney then found itself in an unfortunate position, after refusing to take a stand against this law. We recall that one of its most powerful theme parks is located in Orlando, Florida. Worse, the studio would have censored certain Pixar films, angering many employees of the group. Victoria Alonso, the president of the special effects department at Marvel Studios, would like Disney to take a firmer stand against this new legislation.

Lucas: pictureLuca, an LGBT family film that does not say its name?

“I spoke with Bob Chapek (president of the Walt Disney Company, editor’s note) for 45 minutes asking him to be brave. If we are really making entertainment for families, then we should not choose which type of family, explained the producer with passion. Alonso is openly lesbian, mother of one, and married to a woman. After pointing out how difficult it is to work at Disney right now, she gave a very inspiring speech:

“If we’re selling family entertainment, then respect us and stand up against these dated, backward laws. Stop saying you tolerate us! The humidity in Arizona… The drought in Texas… And we tolerate the whim of a two-year-old. But you don’t tolerate us. We also deserve the right to live, to love and having.”

Red alert: photoDisney, a model for schoolchildren?

For the moment, Disney has always refused to commit, minimizing its power of influence. Bob Chapek promised that the subject would be discussed at the next meeting of “Reimagine Tomorrow”, the group’s campaign for the inclusion of minorities. In the meantime, the ambiguous positioning of the group continues to make people talk.

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