Tramway de Québec: the only condition imposed by the CAQ will be social acceptability

Obviously, what we want is for there to be the best social acceptability. […] This is the only condition we will setsaid François Legault during a press conference in Verchères on Monday.

The Premier of Quebec also specified that he would vote in favor of the decrees for the project to go ahead.

The tramway project has caused much ink to flow in recent weeks. The CAQ government, the main funder of the project, wanted the City of Quebec to review its concept of shared streets on the future route of the tramway.

Bruno Marchand presented on Wednesday the preliminary results of the consultation that the City held regarding the insertion of the tramway near Cartier Avenue.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Intractable Merchant on Shared Lanes

The position of the mayor of Quebec, it still holds on the potential conditions imposed by the government of Quebec in the project.

If we talk about conditions, as we heard, on the shared path, that’s noexplains Bruno Marchand.

The mayor considers that certain conditions are however acceptable. For example, start the work after Quebec receives the funding promised by the federal government.

The future tramway of Quebec.

The future tramway of Quebec

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

Mr. Marchand specifies that discussions are still ongoing between his office and the Government of Quebec.

He nevertheless thinks that a cost overrun could occur depending on the conditions in Quebec.

If conditions delay [le projet]there are necessarily additional costssupports Mr. Marchand.

The Quebec tramway project is valued at approximately $4 billion.

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