“Traumatizing!”… this shocking film upsets the platform’s subscribers

Already, when it was released in 1996, Sleepers had upset more than one. Today on Netflix, Barry Levinson’s feature film, with a stunning cast since Robert de Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Billy Crudup, Minnie Driver, Ron Eldard and Jason Patric rub shoulders, tells the story of four teenagers incarcerated in a reformatory after a bad joke. Their destiny then changes when they are martyred there by a sadistic guard. Years later, it’s time for revenge. On Twitter, Internet users wanted to express their feelings about this story both moving and difficult to seeespecially the first part. Many, seeing the positive and encouraging tweets to discover this story, indicate that they want to see the film. Others have already seen it again or will do so, some 26 years later.

Sleepers: is the movie on Netflix?

Netflix featured the film on Twitter Sleepers on March 31, when it has been in the streaming platform’s catalog for several months. As a result, many Internet users replied that they were going to watch it and many that this feature film had upset them. Small anthology in disorder: “A classic but in my memories it is really hard“, “An exceptional film!“, “An absolute gem“, “One of the best films in film history“, “This film marked us so much with my brother… He is unable to watch it a second time…“, “First part very creepy from memory, but big classic!“, “Seen, reviewed, essential, classic” or “Traumatic!

Five-star casting for Sleepers

At the time, the cast had a lot to talk about. This is still the case today:A casting that seems to me to come from another world today“, “This film is extraordinary, the impeccable actors, de Niro and the others are incredible“, “A real nugget this film, a crazy cast for the time“, “And even if it is less highlighted, we can note the presence of Vittorio Gassman (very great actor and Italian director), who plays in this film one of his last roles. So it’s up to you to see it or watch it again now on Netflix to make up your own mind!

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