Appeal against Gassama: Will Algeria-Cameroon be replayed?

The elimination of Algeria from the 2022 World Cup following its defeat against Cameroon, Tuesday March 29 in Blida in the return play-off, continues to feed the national sports chronicle.

The president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Charaf-Eddine Amara spoke twice on Tuesday, in the columns of the newspaper El Khabar, and in an interview with the DZ News channel.

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He notably mentioned the complaint lodged by the FAF with FIFA, concerning the arbitration of the meeting of Gambian Bakary Gassama. “We presented a case. We have requested an investigation by FIFA into technical aspects during the match which had an influence on the result. There is evidence that the refereeing was not neutral and honest”Amara told DZ News.

“Therefore, he added, if FIFA concludes that there were elements which influenced the result of the match, then it has every possibility that it reschedules the meeting or decides something else. It is on the basis of the facts available to it and the file presented to it that it will decide. FIFA will watch the videos and then we will see where the sanction can go.said Amara Charaf-Eddine.

According to the president of the Algerian Football Federation, the sanction can take the form of a definitive exclusion of the referee, a suspension for a certain number of matches or even a financial penalty…

“However, we must above all not give false hopes to Algerian supporters and promise them things that may not come true”, estimated Amara who alludes to the possibility of replaying the match.

“For the record, since FIFA has existed, the number of matches that have been replayed can be counted on the fingers of one hand”explained the president of the FAF. And to cite the particular case of the South Africa-Senegal match in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, replayed because there was a flagrant act of corruption.

The FAF indicated on Tuesday evening that the appeal lodged with FIFA against the arbitration of the Algeria-Cameroon match will be examined on Thursday April 7 by the world football body.

A complete overhaul of football

The president of the FAF calls for turning the page on the elimination of the world and looking to the future, considering that football in Algeria “is not linked to a meeting, but it needs a total overhaul including even those who are in charge of this sector”.

“Let us exploit this circumstance, which was a shock, to rebuild again”, he urged. On FIFA boss Gianni Infantino’s reaction to saying he hadn’t seen the FAF’s complaint, Charaf-Eddine Amara said: “It’s normal, the complaint was sent to FIFA and not to his personal email account. On the other hand, he said that Algeria played a good game and they lost. I did not hear any other statements”.

Amara Charaf-Eddine returned to the criticisms that have been made in relation to the quality and reliability of the means used VAR. The president of the FAF has clearly evacuated the responsibility of the Federation. “It is FIFA’s responsibility. On the occasion of international matches, as a Federation our role is to provide assistance. FIFA and CAF are bound by a contract with a company specializing in the technique of VAR. It is the latter which provides coverage of the meetings which number in the hundreds. Even the cameras belong to them. The only point is that the signal goes through the Television bus. It is neither our responsibility nor that of the National Television”, he explained.

The president of the FAF considers that there is a fault in the surface of the national team on Cameroon’s first goal, following a charge by the Cameroonian number 3 on Aïssa Mandi and Rais M’bolhi.

The referee did not appeal to VAR despite the action being contentious. “Each of us enjoyed the action in our own way. So far, we don’t know what was said between the referee and the VAR chamber. We will know more after the results of the (FIFA) investigation,” said Charaf-Eddine Amara.

Amara Charaf-Eddine who announced the day after the elimination of the EN that he was resigning from the presidency of the FAF, refuses to submit a written resignation to the general secretariat of the federation before all the members of the Federal Bureau (BF) only present theirs. His mandate as well as that of his Bureau, Mr. Amara intends to hand it over to the General Assembly which will elect his successor.

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