Battle on the tramway in Chauveau

The current MP for Chauveau, a riding coveted by Conservative leader Éric Duhaime, assures us that he supports the Quebec City tramway project, decried by his opponent.

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“It’s not a cannonball. This is an important issue for the Capitale-Nationale and I am very proud to be able to defend it,” said CAQ MP Sylvain Lévesque on Wednesday morning.

The day before, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, confirmed that he will be a candidate in his riding, while making the tramway one of the issues in the upcoming election.

“The further north you go, the more people here are opposed to this project. Because they will be the ones who will pay for it, but who will not benefit from it. They are a little sacrificed in this project, ”said Mr. Duhaime.


In February 2021, Sylvain Lévesque had also expressed reluctance about the tramway, in the face of rising costs. “We have doubts about the choices that have been made,” he wrote at the time. He now says he is in favor, as part of the Capital Express Network.

Passing through the National Assembly, Éric Duhaime commented on this about-face. “I see it as a change of course and I think the voters of Chauveau will be able to judge on October 3,” he said.

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Not worried

But Sylvain Lévesque assures that he is not worried about the candidacy of Mr. Duhaime, popular in the region according to the polls.

“I have had adversity before, I have adversity, I will have in the future. So, no, it doesn’t worry me at all,” he said.

And there is no question of campaigning more to the right to counter the rise of the PCQ. “I will remain who I am. As you know, I have always been someone with such social democratic values, yes in part on subjects, I come from the community sector. But at the same time, there’s a certain aspect of economic right where I’m very comfortable and I’m going to stay true to myself,” he says.

In 2018, Sylvain Lévesque won the election with 47% of the vote and nearly 10,000 votes ahead of his closest Liberal rival.

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