Brendan Gallagher has (really) made his presence felt on his return to the game

It had started (very) well.

The Canadian scored the first goal of the game after only 2:31 and at some point in firstthe Montrealers led 9 to 1 in shots on goal. Fans at the Bell Center were thrilled.

But things went a little sour, especially in third. Results : the Canadiens lost their flag by a score of 6 to 3 against the Senators.

No, the supporters were not entitled to the end of the evening they were hoping for…

But they woke up this morning to a club that once again sit bottom in the National League.


Render lto, fish as high as possible in July must be desired/hoped for.

Note that the lottery will take place on May 16 this year.

What do I remember from this “significant” defeat?

1. Brendan Gallagher, who was returning to action after missing three weeks, opened the scoring early in the first period. It was only his sixth goal of the season (in 44 games), only his second since November 20. The goal was awarded despite contact between Mike Hoffman and the Sens goalkeeper. Hoffman had been pushed by the enemy defender.

Gallagher, who will have to learn to better balance his energies and become a 2.0 version of himself, finished the game with one goal, one assist, two shots, one body check and 12 penalty minutes. All this while playing on the fourth line!

Gallagher played ten minutes at even strength, then three more on the power play. His even-strength goal was his first of the season in such circumstances.

At the end of the game, he made some players lose their heads Senses

And after the game, he accused Tim Stutzle of playing the victim and faker injuries on the rink. From the Great Gallagher!

Note that an Ottawa journalist said he agreed 1000% with Gallagher’s comments.

Stutzle… Zegras… not an easy week for some star recruits of the NHL.

2. Justin Barron scored his first career NHL goal and received a standing ovation from fans in the Temple. Barron probably played his best game with the Canadiens, getting five shots on goal and multiplying good plays with the puck. Yesterday, it was without the puck that Barron sometimes had the most difficulty. It will come.

Barron’s lateral movements and shot quality were truly superb on his goal.

3. Jordan Harris also had a good game overall: plus-1two throws, two checks and a blocked shot. Harris was even the second most used defender at five against five after David Savard (his partner).

4. Jesse Ylonen also had a very good game, directing four shots at the net and multiplying precise passes. His creativity and efficiency are unmistakable… and he doesn’t often get into trouble defensively.

5. Joel Edmundson is starting to look like the excellent defender he was last season. He and Romanov are the two most important defenders of this Montreal defensive brigade at the moment. Unfortunately, they each ended their night at minus-2 last night, which partly explains the Habs’ loss.

Romanov, who celebrated his 22nd birthday last January, is already playing the role of a veteran with the Canadiens. To say that he was still too young to play all the games less than a year ago according to the old guard…

6. Corey Schueneman and David Savard were very good overall…except at the end of the first for Schueneman, who gave Austin Watson a goal following a costly turnover.

7. Luke Richardson was back behind the team bench. #COVID

8. The Canadian declared a crowd of 20,566 spectators. I think there were a little less than that, especially because of the seats left vacant in the Reds, but hey…

9. Jake Evans had a great game offensively speaking. He collected only one assist, but he could have finished the evening with three or four points so much he was able to detect the enemy breaches.

ten. Joel Armia and Mike Hoffman had all sorts of difficulties from start to finish of the evening. It’s starting to make a few bad games for Hoffman, while Armia seems to have found his bad habits. Armia and Hoffman, it’s more or less $8 million on the team’s payroll. They will have to be better.

11. Cole Caufield scored again. Still in power play!

Caufield now has 15 goals in 25 games under Martin St-Louis.

12. Jake Allen blocked just 26 of 31 shots aimed at him (.839). That being said, it wasn’t bad…

13. The show and entertainment were on the agenda last night. Unfortunately, everything crashed in third…

14. Justin Barron (leg? ankle?), Cole Caufield (shoulder?) and Jake Evans (wrist) all suffered injuries during the game. However, they were all able to finish the game. Let’s hope they’ll all be at their posts this morning in Brossard and that we’re only talking about very minor injuries that won’t prevent them from playing.

15. We haven’t seen Paul Byron and Rem Pitlick much for a few games.

16. Josh Anderson, Nick Suzuki (aside from kneeing Stutzle), Christian Dvorak and Ryan Poehling were pretty much invisible last night.

17. The Senators scored two of four power play attempts. The Montrealers were therefore undisciplined and not good enough in trying to to kill their penalties.

Wednesday at the Canadian

Martin St-Louis will lead a practice around 10:45 this morning in Brossard, before lunchthen fly to New Jersey. Another match against the team of Jack Hughes P.K. Subban…

It will be interesting to see if Carey Price will again participate as a (very) active goaltender in this practice and if he will be on the plane to New Jersey. I think so… and yes. But I think we’ll have to wait until next Monday to see him in action during a match…

Whatever Luc Gélinas said he believed in Price’s return to Toronto on Saturday. Would that really be a good idea? #HockeyNightInCanada #MapleLeafs #Overseas

Will Jeff Petry jump on the ice again with his teammates? If yes, with a regular vest or prohibiting him any contact? Will he be in the team flight this afternoon? Will he play during this short trip of two games (Thursday against the Devils and Saturday in Toronto)?

The only other (official) injuries are Jonathan Drouin (wrist and COVID-19) and Shea Weber. They obviously won’t be training.

Note for fanatics that William Lagesson and Kale Clague are still with the team, but they should not play until the end of the season. Chris Wideman is already waiting his turn… and Jeff Petry could theoretically return to the game. Lagesson and Clague are not eligible for the American League playoffs.

Their Montreal adventure should end this summer.

The Devils are only five points ahead of the Canadian (29th vs. 32nd). It will be necessary to do be careful not to win » tomorrow night… especially not in regulation time. Note that there are only 12 games left in the Canadian season…

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