discovered by Niska, Davinhor shakes up the game in Kinshasa – Jeune Afrique

Spotted by Niska, whose Congolese roots she shares, the 25-year-old rapper who has just released her first album, “Indomptable”, on Capitol, is determined to show what kind of wood she is warming up.

Crop top, faux leather jacket and matching jogging, the 25-year-old rapper, XXL claws at her fingertips and abs out, is ready to deliver her muscular verses on a stage that looks like a boxing ring. “And I stomp on them in heels, tell me who’s wearing the pants,” she confirms in the clip.Indomitablefrom his self-titled debut album.

Davinhor, her real first name – a fusion of those of her parents, David and Hortense – nevertheless looks like a wise young girl when you find her in the Parisian premises of her new record company Capitol, a subsidiary of Universal.

Being a woman in the art world is not easy

Escorted by her German spitz, Ginger, the former all-legged athlete appears this time in a mini dress and white schoolgirl’s blouse, a designer lady’s bag on her arm. And brushes aside the idea that a rapper can’t be sexy, feminine and do hardcore rap.

Independence and self-confidence

“Being a woman in the art world is not easy. Not all rappers sign on a major, we are often put in competition, ”she regrets. This did not prevent this fan of the African-American Cardi B from collaborating with worthy representatives of the current scene such as the Franco-Malagasy Chilla, the Brazilian Bianca Costa, the rapper of Ivorian origin Le Juiice and the Gabonese Vicky R on the track “Ahoo” (over 4 million streams), excerpt from the documentary pure broadcast this year on Canal +. “A step forward for female rap”, assures the one who intends to continue to wear the crown.

If Davinhor does not claim to be frankly feminist, she advocates independence and calls for self-confidence with frankness, in particular on Snapchat where she was spotted by her future producers, the Daltonnes, in 2018. Rap ​​game obliges , autonomy passes for the one who left the family home at 18 to settle in Creil, in the Paris region, by cash and bling. But for the Congolese born at the end of the 1990s in Kinshasa, in the midst of the Congo war, daughter of a father imprisoned several times for his positions in favor of human rights, it is necessary to break through.

We Congolese are everywhere!

“This rage that comes out in my lyrics and my flow comes from my desire to succeed in this life at all costs. I am a housewife, I grew up surrounded by political refugees from Congo, Armenia, Chad or Nigeria all my childhood and adolescence, she recalls. My parents worked moonlighting to get by, sometimes there was no money. But I was lucky to have sponsors, French people, who helped me. Thanks to them, I was able to do horse riding, athletics…”, recognizes the one who abandoned the school benches to hang out in the music studios.

Legacy music

“I am someone, who are you? “, she asks, spunky, in one of her songs, which went viral following her appearance on the Planet rap show by French rapper of Congolese origin, Niska, who very early on felt the potential of this self-proclaimed kicker.

“We Congolese are everywhere!” she laughs. Our music is our heritage, it’s what our grandparents left us. If the rapper has no memory of her country of birth, which she had to leave at the age of three, she pays homage to the music that rocked her, the Congolese rumba. “In “Flocko”, my title with Le Juiice, I use the same refrain as Pepé Kallé, on his track “O nager”. It’s an important wink for me, ”says the artist who can count on a solid Congolese fan base.

“I receive lots of messages from the people on the spot, they call me “Mwana Mboka”, that means “the child of the country”. It’s crazy support, ”appreciates the rapper who hopes one day to be able to perform on the continent.

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