Disney+: 5 cult films with Bruce Willis to watch and watch again

Cultural News Disney+: 5 cult films with Bruce Willis to watch and watch again

Bruce Willis has announced the end of his career due to health concerns. The famous American actor specializing in action films has had a career as explosive as his films. JV’s editorial staff invites you to discover the feature films available on Disney+ featuring this great actor.


  • Armageddon
  • Crystal Trap (Die Hard)
  • 58 minutes to live (Die Hard 2)
  • A Day in Hell (Die Hard 3)
  • Unbreakable


We begin our cinematic epic with a disaster film directed by demolition expert Michael Bay! The famous American director offers us in 1998 the cult Armageddon which narrates the incredible adventure of Harry Stamper, an expert in oil drilling who is entrusted with a crucial mission. Indeed, an asteroid is heading straight for Earth at an exponential speed. NASA then asks Harry and his team of specialists to save the blue planet by destroying this asteroid themselves with a nuclear device.

Crystal Trap (Die Hard)

John McTiernan arrives in French cinemas with the first part of the future saga die hard entitled crystal trap. In this cult action film, the viewer is invited to follow the adventures of police officer John McClane (played by Bruce Willis), a New York policeman who will finally find his wife after a long separation. The latter works for a large powerful Japanese multinational which organizes on Christmas Day an evening in honor of its collaborators and where John is also invited. Unfortunately for our hero, nothing will go as planned and the building will be stormed by a mysterious group of criminals.

58 minutes to live (Die Hard 2)

A variety from 1990 58 minutes to live. Based on the novel by Walter Wager, the sequel to the franchise die hard is directed by Renny Harlin (Driven, the legend of Hercules). A year after the events that took place at Nakatomi Plaza, police officer John McClane has been transferred to Los Angeles. As he patiently waits for his wife at the Washington DC airport, a plane lands with on board the ex-general of Val Verde, Ramon Esperanza, now at the head of a vast drug trafficking. At the same time, the airport is taken over by a terrorist group. John McClane once again finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Disney+: 5 cult films with Bruce Willis to watch and watch again

A Day in Hell (Die Hard 3)

Again supervised by John McTiernan, the saga die hard came back in force during 1995 with a third part named in French A day in hell. Agent McClane, suspended by his superiors, is back in New York following his divorce. As a bomb explodes in the city center, the policeman is invited to participate in a strange “Jacques said” led by the mysterious Simon. By following the orders of this terrorist who threatens the American megalopolis, Lieutenant John McClane ends up embarking Zeus Carver in his urban epic.

Disney+: 5 cult films with Bruce Willis to watch and watch again


Unbreakable is a thriller released in 2000 and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Village). Bruce Willis slips into the shoes of David Dunn, a security guard living in Philadelphia. Following a terrible train accident, David D. realizes that he is the only survivor. This news does not take long to attract the attention of the media who want to know how he was able to survive without a scratch. Struck by an identity crisis, our security guard asks himself many questions. His quest for answers will lead him to meet Elijah Prince, a disabled man who loves comic books.

Disney+: 5 cult films with Bruce Willis to watch and watch again

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