Éric Duhaime pulls out the muscles in CAQ territory

(Quebec) Éric Duhaime organized a show of force on Tuesday evening in the middle of CAQ territory. The Conservative leader held his first major rally in view of the October elections in the heart of Chauveau, a riding that the Conservative leader dreams of winning from the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ).

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland
The Press

More than 500 activists from the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) filled a community center north of Quebec. Almost all of them were not wearing masks. Supporters were also turned away at the entrance and listened to speeches from outside.

“You are the silent majority who are getting louder and louder to say ‘that’s enough, Legault'”, launched Éric Duhaime to the crowd.

The former radio host boasted of having exploded the number of members of his political formation, from 500 a year and a half ago to nearly 57,000 today.

“I have the deep conviction of being the right person, in the right place, at the right time and above all with the right message”, added Mr. Duhaime, who became one of the main critics of the containment measures put in place by the government of François Legault.

Éric Duhaime has therefore confirmed that he will appear in Chauveau. This riding, which he does not live in, includes neighborhoods in northern Quebec and municipalities such as Stoneham and Lac-Beauport.

“Chauveau chose me, it’s the constituency that has the most members of the PCQ,” he said.

The step will be high for him in Chauveau. MP Sylvain Lévesque won with 47% of the vote in the 2018 election, nearly 10,000 votes ahead of the Liberal candidate.

Senators and a… hockey player

Several tenors of the conservative movement had recorded a message for the occasion in order to support the leader of the PCQ, including Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and the former mayor of Trois-Rivières Yves Lévesque. The PCQ leader’s campaign manager is also Senator Josée Verner.

Hockey player Jonathan Marchessault, of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, a native of Cap-Rouge in Quebec, also gave his support to Duhaime, saying “can’t wait to meet him”.

The only conservative member of the National Assembly, Claire Samson, was welcomed as a rock star. “Claire, Claire, Claire,” chanted the crowd.

Mr. Duhaime did not take offense at seeing his activists without a mask, by the hundreds, in a small room. “I wore it. I know they gave some at the doors. Now maybe some people weren’t wearing it. I know there were people who were drinking too,” he told reporters afterwards.


More than 500 activists from the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) filled a community center north of Quebec

To the crowd, Mr. Duhaime said he was glad to finally see smiles. “We’ve been in front of damn screens and Zoom for two years. Seeing people with beautiful faces and beautiful smiles feels good. »

The Conservative leader also criticized the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project. Instead, he proposes a bridge east of Quebec, less expensive, according to him. He also attacked the tramway project dear to Mayor Bruno Marchand, accusing the CAQ of supporting him. “With a PCQ government, the tramway project will only be a bad memory,” he promised.

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