Expelling Russian diplomats from Ottawa would not be to our advantage, says Justin Trudeau | War in Ukraine

The Prime Minister provided these details on Wednesday, during an impromptu press in the corridors of parliament.

According to Mr. Trudeau, it is preferable to maintain a presence in Moscow extraordinary Canadians who inform us about what the Russians are doing, who maintain contact with civil society and who support Canadians and others who are also on Russian soil.

We have to be very careful, Mr. Trudeau continued. We do not want to be deprived of resources in Moscow in these times of crisis, when a war is underway and diplomatic issues arise.

If we expel Russian diplomats from Canada – which we plan to do, as do other countries and our allies – we know that would result in the loss of our diplomats in Moscow. »

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

A dozen European countries (including, on Tuesday, France and Germany) expelled Russian diplomats in connection with the war in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, the United States announced sanctions against the two daughters of Vladimir Putin and the strengthening of sanctions against Russian banks.

Admittedly, the Canadian Prime Minister said on Wednesday, Russian diplomats stationed in the country do not help by spreading disinformation, promoting the propaganda of [Vladimir] Putin.

But the symbolic gesture of expelling them would have consequences, says Justin Trudeau, who is not convinced it’s worth it.

Use available tools

Mr. Trudeau believes that Canada must use all tools available for to punish and sanction Russia and express its support for Ukraine.

In the opinion of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), which forms the official opposition in the House, diplomacy is one of the tools available to the Trudeau government. Therefore, the CPC urges Ottawa tosend a clear signal and expel Russian diplomats.

We would have liked the signal to be sent long before […]lamented Gérard Deltell, Conservative MP in Louis-Saint-Laurent.

Yes, indeed, if we expel diplomats, there will be a counterpart. But, listen, this is not a cakewalk, a war. »

A quote from Gérard Deltell, Member of the Conservative Party of Canada

A series of sanctions

The Canadian government has adopted a series of sanctions to denounce the actions of the Russian Federation. Actions that constitute, according to Ottawa, a serious breach of international peace and securitywith the consequence a serious international crisis.

In the aftermath of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, on February 25, Ottawa followed the example of its Western allies by preventing President Putin, as well as his head of diplomacy and his chief of staff, from making transfers money from Canada.

Concerted sanctions from Ottawa, Washington and members of the G7 then targeted the Russian Central Bank.

Then Canada took action against senior Russian officials, and then against virtually all members of the Russian Upper House, who facilitated the invasion of Ukraine.

Subsequently, other amendments were added to the Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations. For example, since the end of March, any person in Canada and any Canadian abroad has been prohibited from providing aeronautics and aerospace insurance or reinsurance services to Russia.

On Wednesday, Russian bombs hit the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, where thousands of people are deprived of gas and wateraccording to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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