Full house for the candidacy of Duhaime in Chauveau

Conservative leader Éric Duhaime confirmed his candidacy for the general election in the riding of Chauveau, a CAQ territory, during a large partisan rally that was sold out and overflowed outside.

Parking spaces were scarce on this Tuesday evening at the Paul-Émile Beaulieu Community Center, as were the surrounding streets, which were crowded with trucks and SUVs.

It was therefore in front of a noisy crowd of a few hundred people, most of whom did not wear a mask, that Éric Duhaime announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ).


“Seeing people with beautiful faces and beautiful smiles feels good,” Duhaime said. “We wanted to wait until masks were no longer mandatory, the end of the health emergency. But, if we had waited after François Legault, it would have taken another three elections.

He chose the riding of Chauveau because it is the place where there are the most new party members. Éric Duhaime believes that the main issue in Chauveau is the question of public transport. The Conservative leader is also opposed to the current tramway project. “The further north you go, the more people here are opposed to this project. Because they will be the ones who will pay for it, but who will not benefit from it. They are a little sacrificed in this project, ”he pleaded. Éric Duhaime plans to settle in the Stoneham sector if he is elected.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

During his election speech, Duhaime spoke directly to Prime Minister François Legault, to the promises he considers broken by the CAQ and to the sanitary measures, which delighted the people gathered there.

A government “which abandoned the children” during the pandemic, “put Quebec in debt” and “divided” the population, he said.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

He also fired a few arrows at opposition parties, claiming he was unable to do their job.

“We are truly the real opposition in Quebec,” he said.

The former Conservative federal minister, Josée Verner, will be the Conservative leader’s campaign chair.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

“He is someone who will not disappoint us. What he promises us, he will deliver to us,” said Ms. Verner.

In turn, the hockey player Jonathan Audy Marchessault, the former leader of the Conservative Party Adrien Pouliot, the actress Anne Casabonne, the senator Pierre Hugues Boisvenu and the former mayor of Trois-Rivières Yves Lévesque wanted to give their support to Éric Duhaime and to pay tribute to him.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

For the moment, the riding of Chauveau is held by CAQ MP Sylvain Lévesque. In 2018, he won the election with 47% of the vote and nearly 10,000 ballots ahead of his closest liberal rival.

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