Martin St-Louis wants to reschedule Brendan Gallagher (and that worries me)

Brendan Gallagher (really) made his presence felt when he returned to action last night.

He scored the first goal of the game (and it was not disallowed).

He started the game on the fourth line and at five against five, he was one of the least used attackers by Martin St-Louis… but he was able to get noticed during each of his appearances.

He knocked a few Senators players out of their minds late in the game, even getting a 10 minutes of misbehavior.

He criticized Tim Stutzle for constantly staying on the ground and then playing on the power play a few seconds later.

“If I was one of his teammates, I would tell him to stop this and be smarter […] When I was 10, we had a rule. If you crash on the ice, you have to skip two or three shifts. Stützle always comes back quickly. – Brendan Gallagher on Tim Stutzle

An Ottawa journalist even said he agreed 1000% with Gallagher about Stutzle…

And Tim Peel, a former referee, wanted to give big love at Gallagher late evening yesterday. It seemed to me that all the referees hated Gallagher…

Of course, there will always be people to criticize Gallagher’s gestures and words (and that’s correct).

But where the shoe pinches – and where very few people are venturing this morning – is at the level of the new role by Brendan Gallagher.

Martin St-Louis reiterated yesterday that he has a plan for Gallagher. The Canadian coach is aware of the physical wear and tear of the Canadian warrior…

St-Louis would like to see Gallagher become a 2.0 version of himself by saving his energies to allow him to better use them and achieve production despite his age and his old injuries.

“I try to reward him. He is a very good player in front of goal and at the forecheck. When you progress in the NHL, you want to evolve. You don’t lose your identity as a player. Is it easier to learn a language at 2? Yes, but you can also do it at 24. You just have to want to put in the effort and I think that’s what Gally wants to do. – Martin St-Louis on Brendan Gallagher

St-Louis would like to see Gallagher slow down at times, a question of power give throughout a game and throughout the season.

“He’s always the first on the forecheck, on the check. He is in front of the goal to fight with the guy. These are places where he is very effective, but sometimes it’s not always up to him to be there and do that job. He can play the game a little more on the mental side to spend less energy physically. Sometimes there is already a guy in front of the net. Why double the action? Sometimes relax and let the game come to you. – Martin St Louis

I understand the strategy of St-Louis…

I know and see that Gallagher is no longer the player he was…

But we have to admit that wanting reschedule the player who has long been defined as the soul and heart of the team, this is not a good sign. You don’t reprogram something that still works relatively well. If it works, don’t fix it, tell the Anglos…

In short, Gallagher is in a way broken.

He is 29 years old. He is under contract ($6.5 million) for five more full seasons. How long will he still be able to keep up? Yesterday he was on the fourth line and he was one of the least used on the team at five-on-five.

What will it look like in two years? In four years? How much will he be able to help CH if he slows down during matches? Is Gallagher version 2.0 compatible withDNA of a Gallagher?

What it tells me is that Marc Bergevin probably should have to pass with Gallagher… and sign Phillip Danault in place.

That it was Danault who rolled his trio with Gallagher and Tatar.

That Corey Perry and Artturi Lehkonen would have been more helpful than Joel Armia and Mike Hoffman, but I digress. Sorry.

If one wonders in year 1 of his huge six-year contract if Gallagher can change in order to stay relevant in trainingthis is a sign that it is currently not (enough) relevant… and that it is also untradable.

And that worries me.

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