No, young Anglos are not bilingual

Oh, finally!

The Liberal Party of Quebec has apologized for the horrible – what can I say: terrible! – an affront he made to the Anglophones of Quebec.


Imagine that ten days ago, the PLQ proposed that…

(I’m shaking just thinking about it, I can’t imagine that the great party of Jean Lesage and Robert Bourassa has fallen so low…)

Imagine, therefore, that the PLQ has…

(No wonder the Montreal Gazette put this story on the front page yesterday, we haven’t seen such an affront to the English-speaking community in Quebec since Pauline Marois said “Don’t be worried”…)

In short, believe it or not, but the PLQ proposed…

(Come on, courage, Richard, write it down, even if it hurts…)

That English speakers who attend a CEGEP in the English network must take three courses in French if they want to obtain their college diploma!!!!

Not one ! Not two!

Three !!!!

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And we’re not talking about French as a second language courses here, no!

But classes in maths, chemistry, philosophy, history, geography!

Totally in French !

It was Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette who had this idea.

But when he tabled his amendment to Bill 96 on February 23, he took care to specify that the obligation to take three courses in French in English CEGEPs only targeted non-native speakers and newcomers.

But Dominique Anglade (who is desperately looking for a way to bring Francophones back into his party) has asked the government to go further!

And to extend this obligation to Quebecers who are part of the “historic English-speaking community of Quebec” (thus, who have the right to attend primary and secondary schools in English)!

Even the PQ could not believe it!


You can imagine the reaction of the English…

They cried treason!

” What ? The PLQ wants our children to be forced to take three courses in French at CEGEP? But it’s awful! Terrible! Unacceptable! »

You wonder why the Anglos of Quebec are so angry?

Simple: because according to the president of the Fédération des cégeps, 35% of the 29,000 students enrolled in the five English-speaking colleges in Quebec have an insufficient command of the French language.

(In Nursing Techniques, this percentage climbs to 57.4%, and to 85.9% in Childhood Education Techniques!)

If we forced students in English CEGEPs to take three courses in French to graduate, thousands of them would sink!

The day before yesterday, the PLQ apologized to the English-speaking community for having “sinned” by being overzealous, but the damage is done…

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Do you know what this story teaches us?

That the English-speaking community is lying to us. In the face. For years.

We are constantly told that young anglophones in Quebec are bilingual. Even more than French-speaking Quebecers!

However, this is false, absolutely false.

The figures are clear: thousands of students enrolled in an English CEGEP do not master French!

Like Michael Rousseau!

When will the representatives of the English-speaking community in Quebec apologize to us?

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