The bad faith of the CAQ

It is nevertheless ironic to think that after having done everything possible to sink social acceptability towards the tram, since it has been in power, the Legault government is now making it a requirement for its realization.

If some still doubt the government’s desire to sabotage the tramway, it is because they have not understood the dynamics that reign within the CAQ caucus in the Quebec region.

From the start, these elected officials from the most right-wing branch of the CAQ have been eyeing this project with disdain.

We must remember their face, the day they had to announce, during the 2018 campaign, that they were now in favor …

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, the scene couldn’t be more striking.

The “bad cop” of the file

Quebec’s elected officials have never stood up to support or defend the tramway, quite the contrary. Their calculation is simple, and it consists in preserving the votes on the outskirts, less favorable to the tramway.

Geneviève Guilbault, who is nevertheless the minister responsible for the National Capital Region, distinguished herself by bad cop folder.

Then, visibly in panic at the rise of Éric Duhaime, Minister Éric Caire went so far as to accuse Mayor Bruno Marchand of polluting the lives of drivers “with projects like that”.

It has to be done. They are elected caquistes of Montreal who, annoyed to be associated with the backward image of the opponents of public transport in the caucus of Quebec, must intervene so that the project progresses.

lost battle

The CAQ government had to face the facts. He lost the battle against Mayor Marchand.

The latter quickly managed to rally the other mayors of the big cities, denouncing the government’s interference in municipal powers.

Representatives of all the opposition parties to the National Assembly were present at the rally in favor of the tramway, last night, in a room packed with citizens and representatives of organizations.

The government, with its antics, has visibly awakened a citizens’ movement which could cost it dearly. A movement that must continue, because we must not underestimate the bad faith of the government in this file.

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