these images scandalize internet users

Ary Abittan has been talking about him again on the Web since April 3. And it is not to praise his acting that Internet users mention his name. Indeed, they would apparently have preferred not to see the actor at all since he is the subject of a complaint, dated October 31, 2021, for having abused a young woman.

And Objection reminds you that the presumption of innocence prevails, there is no doubt that the public is free of its opinion. And we can only note that many Internet users consider that while awaiting the judgment of Ary Abittan, it would be better not to see him on TF1 or elsewhere. However, this Sunday, April 3, he was part of the documentary about the film event “What have we done to God? »on TF1. Thus, discover the indignation, sometimes very raw, of Internet users on this subject.

Ary Abittan shocks the public of TF1, in spite of himself

Since he is under the influence of this complaint which has made the rounds of the media, the actor is as discreet as possible. Indicted since November 2, 2021, he would have even moved to get away from journalists and media pressure. But Ary Abittan cannot escape the People’s Court. Especially since, in the columns of Paris Matchthe complainant recounts the sordid details of her attack. All with the details of the overwhelming findings of doctors. When the public becomes aware of this case, Ary Abittan is immediately blacklisted. Despite the presumption of innocence and the fact that the judgment has not yet been rendered, everyone is aware that he risks up to 15 years in prison.

Thus, one of the most popular films becomes a film to avoid for a large part of the public. The fact that Ary Abittan is one of the main actors of “What have we done to God? » is therefore synonymous with very bad press, Objection grant it to you.

On social networks, Internet users were indignant each time the Ary Abittan affair was mentioned in the media. So, this April 3, 2022, while TF1 was broadcasting a documentary on the film event, a similar outcry took place. On Twitter, indignation is the key word. Some will speak of “cancel culture”, others will speak of dignity and morality. In the columns of the magazine Closer and with other of our colleagues, the observation is the same. Internet users are in shock to discover that Ary Abittan is one of the protagonists of the documentary. Indeed, some of them will even call for a boycott of the new part of the film, released in 2021 and still in theaters.

The anger of Internet users sets the Web ablaze

Ary Abittan continues to remain silent. But the media and the public recall his name in the news following the broadcast of this famous documentary on TF1. Some are indignant to see that the interviews of the actor remain in the editing. Others quite simply that the documentary can be programmed and broadcast. Ary Abittan finds himself once again plagued by public criticism. A public which unanimously condemns the facts of which it is accused.

But like Objection told you above, it will be necessary to refrain from speaking out openly on this affair. In particular under the presumption of innocence to which Ary Abittan is entitled. Nevertheless, freedom of expression allows Internet users to say loud and clear that they will no longer watch “What have we done to God? »nor any other program associated with the actor. And the fact is that they do not hesitate to do so.

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