Will Smith deprived of his Oscar for best actor? Chris Rock’s brother steps up

The affair of Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock during the last Oscars ceremony may still hold a few surprises. The comedian’s brother, Kenny Rock, has demanded that the Oscar-winning actor for his role in The Williams Method lose his award.

It is a mind-blowing scene that the guests present on March 27, 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, but also the millions of viewers in front of their stations will never forget. Invited to the 94th edition of the Oscars where he was nominated in the category of best actor for his role in The Williams MethodWill Smith didn’t appreciate a Chris Rock joke about his wife. The comedian, who came to present the Oscar for best documentary film, had joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircutwithout knowing that the latter suffered from alopecia. A lack of tact that the star of men in blackwho had gone on stage to punch in the face the one who had just disrespected his wife. A totally unexpected moment which had provoked many reactions in the room, starting with that of Nicole Kidman, whose expression quickly became viral on the Web.

Calmed by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry, Will Smith was back on stage a few minutes later to receive the Oscar for Best Actor. In tears, he returned to the incident in his speech: “Richard Williams was a staunch defender of his family. I am overwhelmed by what is happening to me. Love makes you do crazy things. My vocation is to love people and to protect them and to be an anchor for my loved ones. In this job, some will disrespect you and you have to smile, act like it’s normal. Denzel Washington just told me: watch out the devil always comes in moments of triumph”. Not a word for Chris Rockwho had to wait several days for the 53-year-old actor to apologize to him. Friday, April 1, Will Smith had taken a radical decision by leaving his post as a member of the Academy, which had initiated disciplinary proceedings against him.

Kenny Rock attacks Will Smith

From now on, the actor sees his projects being canceled one after the other and only has his statuette of the Oscars to cry. Corn even the piece of golden metal could slip out of his hands. Many wonder if the actor of I’m a legend shouldn’t hand over his award. This is the case of Kenny Rock, the brother of Chris Rock, who confided in the columns of Los Angeles Times. “He showed no respect for [Chris Rock] and brought it down in front of millions of viewers”he said before giving his point of view on the hazardous handling of the incident by the Academy: “He should have been escorted out. I hold them responsible for what happened. He could have done much worse to my brother. »

Kenny Rock also judges that Will Smith’s apology “are hypocrites” and suggests that they are the work of the actor’s entourage. Angry after the humiliation suffered by his brother, the 42-year-old actor and entrepreneur is only waiting for one thing: that the Academy take back the Oscar for best actor from Will Smith. A wish soon granted?

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