$5.8 million claimed from Pastor Guillot

A man who allegedly suffered violence and abuse of power from Claude Guillot for 11 years intends to claim $5.8 million from the Baptist pastor, who must also know the outcome of his criminal trial today.

Claude Guillot, 71, is accused of having physically and psychologically abused six boys he was to educate, in Quebec and Victoriaville, between 1983 and 2014.

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Judge Christian Boulet must render judgment in this case this morning, at the Quebec courthouse.

In parallel with these criminal proceedings, one of the alleged victims of Claude Guillot intends to take civil proceedings. However, a court order prevents us from identifying this 36-year-old young man.

In a formal notice of which we have obtained a copy, the 30-year-old seeks compensation for the “childhood trauma” initiated by the “rituals of violence” and the “abuse of power on the physical, mental, sexual and spiritual level” imposed by the former pastor.

“His violent drift, his pure wickedness as well as his conscious and deliberate disregard for my legitimate interests as a child in the exercise of my free choice have seriously damaged my physical and psychological integrity”, writes the complainant in his letter. , which should be served on recipients by the end of the week.

Baptist organizations, leaders of the time and relatives of Guillot are also targeted by this missive, as are the parents of the signatory. The alleged victim believes that all these people are “accomplices by omission and negligence to act”, because among other things they would have supported and protected the pastor despite his abuses.

The one who was under the yoke of Guillot from the age of 11 to 22 now says he is in a situation of disability and post-traumatic shock, which has the effect of reducing “to nothing” his “social, professional , personal, sexual and spiritual”.

Remember that Claude Guillot was arrested in December 2015 and has since faced 22 charges, including forcible confinement, harassment and assault with a weapon. Begun in June 2018, his trial has been split multiple times and has stretched for nearly three years.

According to court testimony, Claude Guillot allegedly beat young boys with a wooden paddle while he was running a Baptist school in Victoriaville. He would also have punished and inflicted heavy sentences on the students of his clandestine school in Quebec.

In particular, young people were allegedly forced to stand for hours, to make endless copies or countless push up Where squatsin addition to being deprived of water or food.

The parties presented lengthy written pleadings in June 2021. Judge Boulet then took the case under advisement.

Pastor Guillot is also targeted by a collective action, authorized last October on behalf of all those who have been victims of his physical or psychological abuse or sexual harassment on his part.

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