After the tram, the 3rd link, assures François Legault

A few hours after having “decided” in favor of the unconditional tramway project, the Prime Minister “guarantees” that there will be a Quebec-Lévis tunnel, the version of which will be presented in the coming days.

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On the sidelines of an announcement of the participation of 22 million dollars for the design of electric buses at the Prévost plant in Sainte-Claire, on the south shore of Quebec, François Legault assured that he will present an improved version of the 3and privilege.

“It’s coming, the 3and link, the tunnel. There should be an update in the next few days. Yes, we will have a tunnel, I guarantee you that, ”he said, to the applause of the factory employees.

The PM has decided

François Legault reacted thus, when he was questioned on the granting of decrees allowing the start of work for the tramway project of Mayor Bruno Marchand.

After weeks of dithering, the Legault government finally gave its unconditional support to the City of Quebec project. The social acceptability so dear to the CAQ caucus is absent from the decrees adopted by the Council of Ministers.

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To convince his ministers to adhere to it unconditionally, Mr. Legault recalled that the tramway was part of the Réseau express de la Capitale and that it was “a whole”. The caucus “agreed with that”, reported the Prime Minister, adding however “that in the end”, it was his “responsibility to decide”.

“I think there that the great agglomeration of Quebec, including Lévis and the South Shore, is called to become a big city. We need to have a second economic metropolis and we need to have a transportation system,” said the Prime Minister. “There will continue to be a need to deliver goods. We also need a “city center to city center” link for public transport,” he said.

Social acceptability

Early Thursday morning, the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, had also mentioned that there had been no debate within the CAQ troops in the file and that the Prime Minister had “settled”.

“Trams, we want them everywhere,” even said Fitzgibbon.

However, the Prime Minister reiterated that the notion of social acceptability remains very important. Although it does not appear in the decrees, this condition was written “in the press release”, he pointed out. “We defend the whole project. But obviously, there is work to be done on the social acceptability of the tramway end in Quebec, but I am sure that Bruno Marchand and his team will get there.

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