Benoît Poelvoorde will play a character “inspired by Marc Dutroux” in the next Fabrice Du Welz [exclu]

Anthony Bajon will play a policeman involved in the case from start to finish. Maldoror should begin filming in the fall.

WhileInexorable out in theaters today, Fabrice Du Welz is actively working on his next film. As previously announced, this will be Maldorora thriller inspired by the Marc Dutroux affair, again with Benoît Poelvoorde in the cast. His role was not known until now, but the director assures us that he should play the psychopathic criminal, whose murders and child rapes shook Belgium in the 90s: ” We should talk about it very soon with Benoît. It’s a secondary role, and all of that is of course subject to his availability. But in any case, I have an agreement in principle from many actors, very prominent, including him. I specify well: it is not Marc Dutroux, it is a character who has another name and who is freely inspired by Dutroux. My ambition is to make films, so it is certain that the villain that we are going to try to make Benoît embody, he will look more like the Frank Booth of blue velvet than to Marc Dutroux. My ambition is to draw inspiration from a true story, in a rigorous and methodical way, and then to transform it into the most exciting and structured cinema possible. »

The trigger Once upon a time in Hollywood

The story should therefore be generally the one that almost everyone knows, but told from the ” point of view of a young policeman, whose entire career we will follow from 1994 to 2002. He will be played by Anthony Bajon [Teddy, Paris-Brest et bientôt la série sur la genèse de NTM, Le Monde de demain]. It’s first of all a cinema film, an investigative film, freely – and I really insist on this point – inspired by a case that personally traumatized me, and all its dysfunctions. It must be said that the Dutroux affair is not a news item but a real state affair, which almost caused Belgium to implode. And so me, I simply try to put myself in the eyes of a young 25-year-old policeman, who finds himself face to face with Evil. I am delighted with this collaboration with Anthony Bajon, who is a great actor. His character goes through all the metamorphoses, and it could be a big step for him and for me. We will judge on parts. »

Would it be impossible to adapt the Dutroux affair more literally, without necessarily infusing fiction? Fabrice Du Welz explains that the idea has ” crossed your mind at some point. Afterwards, legally in Belgium it is very complicated to do that. And finally, what was the trigger for me was a film that I saw and re-watched with obsession and love: Once upon a time in Hollywood. When I saw what Tarantino was doing with a terrible news item, and how he transcended it by even pouring into alternate history, I thought to myself that I could appropriate this affair. Provided, of course, to be as intelligent and relevant as possible. Today, I have the intuition to have the experience and the look to do it. I have my team, incredible actors, producers around me… The ambition is to take a terrible event but not to treat it literally. Rather to cinematically alter reality. »

Maldoror is currently in funding, and things are progressing quite well today. We hope to start filming in the fall concludes Fabrice du Welz. No release date is yet scheduled.

Inexorable is currently in theaters. Trailer :

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