Federal Budget 2022: $8 billion dedicated to Defense, $500 million in arms to Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia will not have had the expected impact on the increase in the budget allocated to Defense. A new amount totaling more than $8 billion over five years, included in the 2022 budget, represents only about 0.1% difference compared to the expenditures that were already planned for the 2026-2027 horizon.

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In doing so, Canada is reducing its military budget from approximately 1.4% of its GDP to 1.5% by 2024, far from the 2% threshold recommended by NATO.

Alongside this announcement, Ottawa is launching a broad review that “will focus on the size and capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces, their roles and responsibilities, and will focus on ensuring they have the resources they need to keep Canadians safe and secure. contribute to operations all over the world”.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, in a press briefing on Thursday afternoon, noted that such a review would provide a clear picture of the priorities on which the Ministry of Defense should focus.

“The situation in the world has changed, and it is necessary, I agree, to spend more [en Défense]. But it’s important to make these expenses in a planned and efficient way,” she said.

This could explain such a marginal increase in the military budget.

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