Unconditional green light for the tram: “the Prime Minister has decided”

The unconditional endorsement of the tramway project in Quebec has been “settled” by the Prime Minister and the opposition parties believe that this is a victory for citizen mobilization.

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“The Prime Minister has decided,” said Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon. “It was not a debate for me. Trams we want trams everywhere, ”added the Minister of the Economy.

He also relates that he did not have to intervene during the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, when they adopted the decrees allowing the project to be put on track. “I get involved when I have something to add.”

On Wednesday, after weeks of procrastination, the Legault government finally granted its unconditional support to the tramway project of Quebec City Mayor Bruno Marchand. The social acceptability so dear to the CAQ caucus is absent from the decrees adopted by the Council of Ministers.

Joint decision “by the leader”

According to Mr. Fitzgibbon, people in caucuses “have their opinions”, but he assures that there is no division within the troops and that people “are coming together on common decisions that the leader has made”, he indicated. “We have the tram there, everyone is happy (…) I have always said that I was for public transport as part of our program to decarbonize Quebec. »

Citizens Victory

For their part, the opposition insisted that it was a great victory for citizen mobilization and the citizens of Quebec.

“I think it’s a victory for the people of Quebec. It’s a fail. The government looks crazy, really, the government looks absolutely crazy. He made the mayor lose many weeks and it costs money, this loss, to, at the end of the line, sign a decree yesterday, ”said the liberal Monsef Derraji.

“We have witnessed a victory for citizen mobilization on the question of the tramway in Quebec, a victory for people who think that it is really time for Quebec City to enter the 21st century and have transportation like the tramway on its territory,” added Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé.

According to the leader of the Parti Québécois is a victory for the City of Quebec and Mayor Marchand. He argues, however, that one should be careful about celebrating and waiting for construction to begin.

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