Why Paris Conservatory is the 4th Best Performing Arts School in the World?

The National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris is the fourth best performing arts education institution in the world, according to a ranking published on Wednesday March 6.

Under the conical dome of the organ hall, a student follows his score. His fingers pass gracefully over the three keyboards of the mechanical action Rieger. And the breath escapes from the high pipes that rise to the ceiling. In an amphitheater, fifty young musicians rehearse a jazz score. In jogging, jeans, t-shirts and caps for some. Double basses and violins on the left, brass on the right and percussion in the background. It is here, at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (CNSMD), that French academic and artistic excellence is perpetuated.

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This establishment, founded in 1795, continues to establish itself as one of the world leaders in the teaching of the performing arts in the world. The Conservatoire rose to fourth place in the “QS Performing Arts 2022” ranking, published on Wednesday March 6, which distinguishes performing arts educational establishments. Previously ranked 17th in the 2020 edition, then 5th in 2021, this progression marks the international recognition of French artistic and academic excellence.

“This progression is the just reward for the efforts of the teachers, students and staff of the Conservatory, who make our establishment one of the leading places of musical and choreographic excellence in the world. It rewards the influence of our training programs and our research and the establishment of many new partnerships with the cultural world”welcomed Émilie Delorme, director of the CNSMD since January 2020. After the health crisis that was “terrible for students and the world of performing arts” the Conservatoire has intensified its development, in particular through digital technology and the “2020-2025 Project” which must “anchoring the institution in its century”. This is done through two axes: pedagogy and research.

The “Augmented Conservatory” to enhance the attractiveness of the establishment

In concrete terms, the strategy aims to strengthen the CNSMD’s links with other institutional players such as the Philharmonie, the National Dance Center and the Maison de la radio. But also by consolidating its relationship with the National Center for Music and Dance in Lyon. On the research side, partnerships have been established with Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), the University of Paris 8 and the CNRS. The development of the Conservatory will also be done through the “Augmented Conservatory” project. The latter, launched by Émilie Delorme, will strengthen training related to sound and image. Finally, a connected campus project is planned.

The conservatory welcomes around 1,400 students, who are drastically selected.

The National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, a public administrative establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, welcomes 1,400 students divided into ten departments (classical dance, contemporary dance, notation, musicology, sound engineer, writing, composition and conductor…). They are selected by competition and benefit throughout their schooling from personalized courses, from the bachelor’s degree to the doctorate or even the artist’s diploma. In this competitive and crowded market, 90 to 100% of CNSMD students integrate within three years of graduation. Teachers are recruited by competition, with a file and according to the “radiation” of their career.

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