With the coronation of The Lesson Canneseries seeks the recipe for living together

The jury chaired by Fanny Herero delivered a compact prize list and concentrated its prizes on three titles, including this drama illustrating the divisions of Israeli society.

From our special correspondent

The divisions of Israeli society, a science fiction tale and a fable about disability and convalescence… For its fifth edition, CanneSéries has embraced the diversity and lush creativity of audiovisual production. Full of grace, the president of the jury Fanny Herero confided that the ten soap operas in competition were of an irreproachable quality and that none had disappointed. She also had a compliment for each. Faced with this richness and proliferation, she and her friends have however made assumed and supported choices.

Rather than multiplying the winners and distributing the awards, the jury chose a compact prize list by awarding three series twice. The prize for the best long series and the best performer goes to the Israeli drama Lesson and its force of nature interpreter Maya Landsmann.

Phenomenon of society in Israel and projected on the first day of CannesSeries, Lesson left a deep mark on the jury and chronicles the ongoing confrontation of a rebellious high school student and an education teacher over the issue of racism and the treatment of Arabs in the Jewish state. He fights to destigmatize his neighbors, she campaigns for their exclusion from the local swimming pool. Social media and misinformation will only escalate their feud. Coming to pick up her trophy, Maya Landsmann exclaimed: “Living in Israel is magical but frustrating. May art help us to overcome our personal and state prejudices”.

Looking for French broadcasters

The Dior grand prize and the special interpretation prize, which rewards an entire cast, went to the bittersweet Quebec comedy Audrey came back signed by one of the most prominent creators and actresses of the Belle Province Florence Longpré. The former caregiver embodies the return to life of Audrey who wakes up after 15 years in a coma. How to bring back a body whose muscles have atrophied? How to recover language and vocabulary word by word and find your own in a friendly and upset family environment? The series brings humor and seriousness together with an unexpected strangeness. Audrey has a giant raven as an imaginary friend. We have rarely found since The patients of Grand Corps Malade such a fine and authentic evocation of disability and the slow process of rehabilitation and re-education.

A last doubloon came to crown souls . In the vein of Darkthis German science fiction production is based on a web of temporalities and follows a teenager, who claims to live with the memories of a past life. That of a heroic pilot, whose plane had been hijacked by terrorists. Despite a confused introductory episode, this fresco by Alex Elsam received the screenplay and music prize.

Best ovation of the festival, the Norwegian production Afterglow on the reaction of a mother, when she is diagnosed with cancer, leaves with the price of high school students. Inspired by the fate of the creator’s wife, taken away by illness, this series is full of life and color.

It now remains for all these winning series to find a French broadcaster.

After an effective closing ceremony accompanied by the Cannes orchestra which paid tribute to the legendary composer of Impossible mission Lalo Schifrin, the Auditorium Lumière welcomed a final wave of clamor for the preview of the Torch, continuation of the parody series The flame. This time, Jonathan Cohen, very prominent with the cinema release ofAt the same time, has fun with Koh Lanta-style adventure games. Highly motivated, the public at the Palais des Festivals repeatedly chanted the thunderous “Maaaaaaaarc”. It’s up to the Film Festival audience to be just as shrill next month.

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