Beyond the words of Bianca Longpré…

The humorist Bianca Longpré, known under the pseudonym Ordinary mother, shocked with a publication where she denounced that one of her children was still going to change teachers during the year because of a departure on maternity leave.

An ordinary publication

People are angry, and I understand them. Bianca Longpré is very successful… with mothers. And we bet that many of them are teachers. The idea here is not to further overwhelm the comedian. It can happen to anyone to make problematic comments. (It should be noted in passing that this in no way justifies the violent remarks and threats to which the woman has been subjected since.)

No, what is interesting in this story, I find, is that Bianca’s exit is the tree that hides the forest. Ms. Longpré implied that we should perhaps ask the teachers to whom we want to entrust a group if they intend to become pregnant during the school year. Very clumsy remarks, certainly, but which conceal a real stake.

A work organization problem

This storm on social media shows that certain prejudices still have a hard time: even in 2022, the balance between work and motherhood remains a fragile issue.

Ordinary mother is certainly attacking the wrong target. Making pregnant women feel guilty is no. But apart from the way she expressed herself, it’s true that sometimes children change teachers several times in a year. It happened to my own children and to yours too. BUT IT’S NOT THE PROFESSORS’ FAULT.

The system is bad. There is a major teacher shortage and retention problem within the profession. In addition, because of the pandemic, many professors must be placed on preventive withdrawal earlier.

Let’s remind Bianca Longpré, but not only her, that asking an employee if she intends to get pregnant is against labor standards. Women have the right to have children and to work without this directly or indirectly harming their careers.

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