Boxing: It’s going to hit this Saturday with four major fights (Jean-Paul Chartrand)

If you are a boxing fan, you will have a lot to do on this Saturday, April 9. No less than four major fights are on TV.

It all starts at 6 a.m. on DAZN as Gennady Golovkin (IBF) (41-1-1—36/KO) and Ryota Murata (WBA) (16-2-0—13/KO .) will put their crowns on the line.

Hope GGG didn’t celebrate their 40th too much.and birthday the day before, April 8.

Tell yourself that if he wants to meet Canelo Alvarez next fall, he will have to win a resounding victory. In any case spectacular enough to be able to boost the publicity of the next trilogy.

It is Murata who has been absent from the competition the longest. His last duel dates back to December 23, 2019 when he won by TK.-O./5 over Steven Butler.

As for GGG, he has not fought for 16 months, since December 18, 2020 when he forced Kamil Szeremeta to withdraw from the fight in the seventh round.

Prediction: Golovkin by K.-O. before the 10th round

Return of Ryan Garcia

In the evening, still on DAZN, you will have the choice between the return of Ryan Garcia (21-0-0—18 / K.-O.) c. Emmanuel Tagoe (32-1-0-15 / K.-O.) at 9 p.m., or even Erickson Lubin (24-1-0-17 / K.-O.) c. Sebastian Fundora (18-0-1—12/KO), on Showtime and concurrently at 9 p.m. On ESPN, it is Mikaela Mayer (16-0-0-5 / K.-O.) who competes against Jennifer Han (18-4-1-1 / K.-O.).

Let’s go for the predictions:

Ryan Garcia at 139 pounds by K.-O./5 on Emmanuel Tagoe

Garcia may have a swollen head, but he’s a good elite class boxer. He has not fought for fifteen months and it is a preparatory fight for his return to 135 pounds.

On the other hand Tagoe is a veteran of 33 years who won the victory in his last 31 fights.

This is a real test for King Ry.

Prediction: Garcia by K.-O. before 6and round

Lubin 8 inches smaller

In Las Vegas, two young people in their twenties will face each other. Erickson Lubin (24-1-0—17/KO) will face Sebastian Fundora (18-0-1—12/KO) for the interim WBC super welterweight title .

The two boxers total 44 fights, including 42 victories.

Lubin once lost by KO/1 to Jermel Charlo in 2017, but since then he has won six in a row, including four by KO.

How will Lubin behave in front of a 6’5/1/2” rival, he who is only 5’9 1/2”?

Prediction: Lubin by decision

Two belts at stake for Mayer

In Costa Mesa, Calif. on Saturday night, Mikaela Mayer (16-0-0—5/KO) will defend her IBF and WBO super featherweight crowns against Jennifer Han (18-4-1—1/K. -O.) on ESPN.

Han is now 38, seven years older than Mayer, and lost her last fight last September to Katie Taylor.

On Mayer’s side, Top Rank is so delighted with his prowess that he was made to sign a contract extension which will allow him to now receive purses in the seven figures.

For the first time since July 2020, Mayer will fight outside of Las Vegas.

Prediction: Mayer by decision

The Cubans are coming back

It took 60 years, but finally, Cuban boxers are back on the professional scene. No need to expatriate anymore, to flee from their native country, the boxers now have free rein and it is next May 14, in Mexico, that they will finally be able to fight for money and return to their country. heads up.

Unfortunately, we will never know what would have happened if three-time Olympic gold medalists like Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon had had the same right 60 years ago.

Stevenson had defeated American pugilists such as John Tate, Tony Tubbs, Michael Dokes and Tyrell Biggs, to name a few.

In 1970, Stevenson was even offered a fabulous sum of $5 million to face Muhammad Ali.

Fidel Castro said no…

As for Savon, his record as a pugilist is much more eloquent than that of his private life. Among his victims in the ring are Canadians David Defiagbon and Kirk Johnson, Frenchman Christophe Mendy, in addition to Daniel Nicholson, Michael Bennett, Sultan Ibragimov, David Tua and Ruslan Chagaev.

I can’t wait to see how Olympians Lazaro Alvarez Estrada, Julio La Cruz Peraza, Andy Cruz, Adrian Lopez and Roniel Iglesias fare in the pros.

Stevenson is no longer of this world. He died of a heart attack at 60 and Felix Savon has been in prison since 2018 for the crime of pedophilia on a 12-year-old boy.

At the last 2020 Games in Japan, Cuba saw its Olympic boxers win four gold medals and one bronze.

Do you know Marty O’Brien?

Rare are those who know this boxer from the years 1910 to 1921. After all, his record is far from being that of a champion.

Marty O’Brien (4-6-0—3/KO) was born in Catania, Italy. It is on the island of Sicily and he immigrated to the United States in 1903. He boxed in bantamweight exclusively in the New York area in order to support his family and his record is not so shiny. He was undefeated in his first six bouts, but then he lost eight of his last nine fights, six of which ended in knockouts. »

How could a guy named Marty O’Brien be born in Italy? There is the question…

His real name is not Marty O’Brien.

He is indeed Italian by birth. But in 1910, Italians were not welcome in the boxing world, especially in the New York area. This is why he took on an Irish-sounding name, since he lived with his family in Hoboken, a fortified castle populated by many Irish people.

His real name: Antonio Martino Sinatra…

Here, the cat is out of the bag.

Yes… He is indeed the father of the famous crooner Frank Sinatra.

According to him, he delivered about thirty paying fights. Besides, the Sinatra family never ran out of money.

Marty was a very versatile man. He was a shoemaker. It did not work. He tried his luck in the navy, he was rejected.

He was good at fighting on a street corner, in this tough neighborhood. But why not become a boxer and get paid.

It was a broken wrist that forced him to retire from boxing and occasionally fight inside his bar, which he nicknamed: “Marty O’Brien Association of all Nations”. .

Remember the initials of his name. MOB…

O’Brien operated his bar during the famous American prohibition. Now, where did you think he got his alcohol?

No, his son Francis “Frank” Sinatra never boxed professionally, or even as an amateur. Oh, he did put on the gloves at the gym where his father trained, but no more.

Now you know Marty O’Brien, aka Antonio Martino Sinatra.

A little song with that

Quick quick quick

If Bivol had to win

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Dmitry Bivol ever manages to defeat Canelo Alvarez on May 7?

It is claimed that Bivol is training like crazy for this clash. He is so sure of himself that he has publicly declared that he will suffer a second career loss to the Mexican “darling”. And believe me… Bivol has a good chance of surprising.

And that would be: To hell with the trilogy with GGG.

No retirement for Fury

No one believes Tyson Fury will retire after his fight against Dillian Whyte. Not even his trainer Sugar Hill. There is too much money for him to make.

On the other hand, it is not impossible that he meets the MMA champion Francis Ngannou, in a boxing match which would bring him a small fortune.

Ali Walsh very active

While some boxers haven’t stepped into the ring for more than two years, Nico Ali Walsh (4-0-0—3/KO), Muhamed Ali’s grandson, will be fighting his fifth fight pro, on April 20, when he will box in the undercard of the match between Shakur Stevenson and Oscar Valdez.

Ali made his professional debut in August 2021. So far, he has delivered eight rounds of boxing and remains undefeated.

The return “problem”

Looks like Adrien Broner has the life of seven cats. A few days ago we saw him in a wheelchair in a hospital somewhere on the planet half dead and today he is back in the gym and plans to be back in the ring in a few weeks.

Six weight classes for women

At the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, there will be one more weight category for women, only one less than for men.

No English

The Brits have a good memory and they haven’t forgotten the English judges’ blunder when they handed the decision victory to Josh Taylor over Jack Catteral last month.

With the exception of referee Mark Lyson, who is British, all the judges for the duel between Tyson Fury and Dillian Dhyte on April 23 will be from outside the country.

They are: Guido Cavalleri (Italy), Juan Carlos Pelayo (Mexico) and the Canadian Robert Tapper.

From football to boxing

Even if he is 38 years old, former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore has decided to try his luck in boxing and it is on May 14 that he will experience it.

Gore is the NFL’s third-best running back of all time behind Walter Payton and Emmett Smith.

All millionaires

If you believe that boxers such as Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez, Tank Davis and Erroll Spence, to name a few, make millions stepping into the ring, tell yourself that other athletes, such as F1, are not in misery.

For example, Lewis Hamilton will receive $40 million for the 2022 season. As for Lance Stroll, he will receive a salary of $10 million to weigh on the gas pedal.

good boxing

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