Jacques Dutronc can no longer take his son Thomas, he is not tender with him…

At almost 80 years old, Jacques Dutronc is back! He agreed to take over the microphone and the road. The singer will begin a major tour with his son Thomas from April 12.

The duo is in full rehearsal

Before the public discovers the duo on stage, the pair prepares in a serious way. As Le Figaro explains, it was at the RiffX studio located at La Seine musicale in Boulogne, that the two artists put down their instruments and microphones for the rehearsals. Fans will be able to hear the patriarch’s flagship titles – Les Cactus, Et moi, et moi, et moi but also Gentleman Burglar – with new arrangements worked by his son: the latter will also sing his own titles in the setlist.

During rehearsals, Jacques doesn’t hesitate to say what he likes or dislikes, what he thinks is bad or what needs to be changed, even if it means not always being nice to Thomas. “I have the right to notice certain things, I am his dad, anyway,” he says.

Jacques Dutronc pushes a rant against his son

Indeed, while the show will have an acoustic sequence during which the spectators will be able to hear Gentleman BurglarJacques did not hide his rejection of his son’s choice! ” I thought we would only do a little piece of it, that one is swollen“, he says before saying annoyed: “The Daughter of Santa Clausit is necessary to air, not to chain all the couplets all the time, it is too much. I give you my opinion, then you do as you want. »

Another rant of the patriarch against the son: the choice to keep The Opportunist. ” I can’t take this song anymore says Jacques. But, the duo still has a few days to agree on the show to show!

This great tour, which will take place for two full evenings at the Casino de Paris on April 14 and 15, will include renowned musicians such as Fred Chapellier and Rocky Gresset, but also the younger generation with Maxime Zampieri and Julien Herné. If the public has planned to respond present, Françoise Hardy should not be there for the concerts because of her failing health. She is still confined and does not seem to want to get out. It’s really too sad to see this situation.

Thomas Dutronc, trendy singer

The opportunity to talk about the career and personality of Thomas Dutronc. He is first and foremost a musician, but also an actor, composer, and now a performer… With Matthieu Chédid and Pierre Souchon, his childhood friends, the young Thomas learned the guitar.

Guided by his passion for the guitarist Django Reinhardt, it was at the Saint-Ouen flea market that he learned his skills. He embarked on a career as a jazz guitarist. Between his tour dates, he plays for the big screen in several films (The Behind, Confession of a flirty), written for Henri Salvador (and his Winter Garden), composes music for films, cartoons (The Belleville triplets)…

When he is not participating in his parents’ albums, he goes to Corsica. Jacques Dutronc is a fan of the island of beauty. The musician often travels to a small village near the town of Calvi. In May 2015, he released a new album, Eternal until tomorrow who has a duet with his father, I am nobody. He also had the opportunity to make cover albums which were very successful.

In 2022, Thomas Dutronc embarks on a major tour with his dad. For the launch, it is at the Casino de Paris that he will go. Recently, we could see the two artists at the last ceremony of the Victoires de la Musique. They were able to sing in pairs on this occasion. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news of Thomas Dutronc.

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