Ministers McCann and Blais will not return

At the center of controversy for several days, ministers Marguerite Blais and Danielle McCann will not be candidates in the next elections, learned The newspaper.

According to our information, the Minister of Higher Education recently informed the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) of her decision to leave the political scene.

The minister responsible for seniors has also announced her intentions not to seek another mandate, according to government sources.

Marguerite Blais and Danielle McCann have been in hot water for several days. They are both the target of the opposition about their responsibilities in the CHSLD Herron tragedy. Their resignation was even demanded earlier this week, following revelations from various media raising questions about their versions of the facts.

Radio-Canada notably revealed that they had been informed of a serious lack of personnel at the Herron residence, 10 days before the shock report of The Gazettewho uncovered the tragedy.

Called “incompetent” by former Liberal colleagues, Minister Blais admitted yesterday that the bitter attacks she is the object of do not leave her indifferent.

“I received a lot of jokes, I’m a human being and it’s hurtful,” she dropped, very emotional, coming out of a particularly stormy question period at the National Assembly.

MNA for Prévost, Marguerite Blais made the leap into politics in 2007, under the Liberal banner, before joining the ranks of the CAQ in 2018.

“Honestly, I’m going to be 72, if I honestly thought I was wrong, would I get bombed like this?” she insisted in the press scrum.

Recall that Marguerite Blais had taken a few weeks of sick leave in the fall, on the advice of her doctor. She suffered from burnout, in addition to having to deal with a problem with a leg.

In January, she exceptionally left her leave to come and testify before coroner Géhane Kamel, responsible for shedding light on the wave of deaths in CHSLDs in the spring of 2020. Minister Blais has been back in her position since mid-February .

Member of Parliament for the riding of Sanguinet in the Montérégie, Danielle McCann was Minister of Health in the first part of the mandate of the government of François Legault.

She was stripped of the orders of this megaministry after the first wave of the pandemic. Christian Dubé succeeded him in this position. She now oversees the Ministry of Higher Education. Minister McCann was also called upon to give her version of the facts before Coroner Kamel.

Reached by our Parliamentary Office, Danielle McCann’s press secretary declined to comment.

The spokesperson for Marguerite Blais contented herself with saying that the minister responsible for seniors and close caregivers is concentrating on her current mandate. “She intends to finish it in good and due form,” insisted Jean-Charles Del Duchetto.

–With Rémi Nadeau

Marguerite Blais

March 2007
Elected MP for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne for the Quebec Liberal Party

2007 to 2012
Minister Responsible for Seniors

August 2015
She announces her departure from political life after eight years, disappointed to no longer hold a ministerial position under Philippe Couillard

1is October 2018
Elected MNA for Prévost under the banner of the CAQ

Since October 18, 2018
Minister Responsible for Seniors and Caregivers

Danielle McCann

Director General of the Sud-Ouest-Verdun Health and Social Services Center

CEO of the Montreal Health and Social Services Agency

1is October 2018
Elected MP for Sanguinet for the CAQ

October 2018 to June 22, 2020
Health Minister

Since June 22, 2020
Minister of Higher Education

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