New Democratic Party praises its impact on the budget | Federal Budget 2022

Thanks to that support and trust agreementwhich provides in particular that the New Democrats will vote in favor of all federal budgets until 2025, Mr. Singh says he has obtained several concessions from the Liberals on issues dear to his party.

Among other things, he cites free dental care for children under 12, which will be implemented from 2023, as well as housing assistance measures, which feature prominently in the new policies put forward on Thursday by the Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

The elements that we wanted to obtain by using our power are therehe said Thursday afternoon, in an interview with Patrice Roy on ICI RDI.

With regard to military spending, the head of the New Democratic Party said to himself Okay with the new sums announced of $7.2 billion over five years.

However, he recalled that his party was opposed to spending reaching 2% of the budget gross domestic product national – as requested by theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization –, a position which, once again, is reflected in the budgetnoted Mr. Singh.

In its press release, the New Democratic Party does raise some criticism of the Liberals, accusing them of showinginaction on the climate crisis. The party accuses them, for example, of having approved the Bay du Nord oil project barely a few days after the publication of a “damning” report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But Jagmeet Singh’s troops are also happy to see the government increase taxes on financial institutions – a measure for which they still take credit.

A New Democrat Budget

Conversely, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) deplored the impact that the NDP may have had on the budget presented Thursday. It’s not a responsible budget, it’s an NDP budgetsaid the acting head of the Conservative Party of CanadaCandice Bergen, by press release.

The Official Opposition in the House of Commons criticizes the troops of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh for contributing to inflation rather than fighting it, or even profiting from it at the expense of Canadians.

Justin Trudeau takes money that he actually collected from Canadians who are suffering from inflation and he uses it to pay for the promises he made to the New Democratic Partyrailed Ms. Bergen at a press briefing, confirming that her political party would vote against the budget exercise.

The Liberals have gone so far to the left that they are becoming like the New Democratic Party. »

A quote from Candice Bergen, interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

It is, in short, a budget that does nothing about inflation, a budget that does nothing about controlling spending either, and we know that the latter spends enormously, even more since the alliance with the New Democratic Partysummarized for his part the Conservative MP Gérald Deltell, in an interview with Patrice Roy on ICI RDI.

Mr. Deltell agrees that it is appropriate to see the Trudeau government prohibiting foreign buyers from acquiring properties in Canada – a measure that the Conservative Party of Canada was already advocating, he pointed out.

Now, is that what will ensure that, back home, for example, in the Quebec region, people will be able to have access to a house, when we know that there are five Barely years old, it cost twice as much? This is not necessarily what will change the gameargued the MP for Chauveau.

Finally, with regard to dental care, Mr. Deltell expressed his disagreement with this measure. Give a helping hand to people who [n’ont pas de couverture d’assurance]that goes without saying, but it is not the responsibility of the federal government; it’s a provincial responsibilityhe recalled.

A hostage taking

This new measure effectively violates Quebec’s jurisdiction, agreed Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet, later on the same network. It even looks like a hostage takingaccording to him.

Because, while it is commendable to want to offer free dental care to children, it is odious that Ottawa is using these to interfere in health, which is exclusively a provincial matter, commented Mr. Blanchet.

The dental care program, if the Quebec part, as they did for daycare, is paid to Quebec without conditions, that’s fine. But if they want to put conditions, we’ll break them one, he warned. Because we see it coming big as a train.

The appearance of this program in the budget – literally much thinner than last year’s – is also the sign, according to Mr. Blanchet, that the text was the subject of belated negotiations between the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau and the New Democratic Party. The leanness of military investments is an example of this.he observes.

The budget, conceded Mr. Blanchet, still contains some good stuffsuch as the creation of a new program allowing the use of its Tax Free Savings Account to access the property. But the Bloc Québécois will not vote in favor of it.

The absence of an increase in federal health transfers, specifically, is nothing less thana form of slap in Quebec and the provincesdeclared Mr. Blanchet, referring to the additional payment of 28 billion dollars per year demanded for two years by the Council of the Federation and ignored by the Prime Minister.

Quebec and the provinces were asking for unconditional health transfers; we found the conditions, but not the transferssummarized the leader of the Bloc Québécois to Patrice Roy on Thursday.

Finally, the interim leader of the Green Party, Amita Kuttner, denounced the improvement of the tax credit offered to companies for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide – a measure also denounced by the New Democrats and the Bloc, who compared it to another oil subsidy.

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