Soon more traffic jams on the bridges of Quebec than those of Montreal, says Legault

François Legault affirms that the waiting time on the two bridges in Quebec will soon be longer than on those of Montreal. This data would come from the Québec-Lévis tunnel project office.

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“We expect with the increase in the population that the number of minutes of waiting on the two bridges will be greater than the waiting time on the bridges of Montreal,” said François Legault, Thursday afternoon, announcing that it guaranteed the construction of the 3and privilege.

A new version of the tunnel must be officially presented in the coming days, confirmed the Prime Minister.

According to his firm, the traffic statistics on the Quebec and Pierre-Laporte bridges were sent by the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project office.

All this information will be made public very soon during the update of the project of 3and link, assured his press secretary, Ewan Sauves.

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