the actor would be willing to play Ace Ventura again on one condition

The famous detective for dogs and cats of the 90s, Ace Ventura, in addition to having had a big success, allowed Jim Carrey to become known to the general public. For many, it is a cult film. Well, the actor recently admitted that he would be ready to return to service, but on one condition.

promoting Sonic 2

The news around Jim Carrey is hot lately. The 60-year-old comedian is currently playing in Sonic 2 where he camps the unstoppable Robotnik. On April 5, he went to the Regency Village, in Los Angeles, for the preview of the film, in the company of many personalities.

The opportunity also for the humor icon to test the controversial hairy controllers sonic the hedgehog 2 as a special edition for the Xbox Series S.

End of career, really?

But it’s another even hotter news that concerns the actor of The mask and of Stupid and even dumber. So in full promotion of the film, on April 1st, Carrey told our colleagues at Access Hollywood that he wanted to “seriously” retire (no, it wasn’t April Fools unfortunately.). “I have enough. I’ve done enough“, he had declared.

However, he qualified his remarks by saying that: “If the angels bring me a script written in gold ink that suggests to me that this will be a truly important piece of work to see, then I may return to service at some point. But at least I’m taking a break!”

Who can save Ace?

New twist in the case of the early retirement of Jim Carrey today, since, interviewed by E! New, the actor clarified his remarks somewhat. If according to him, his completely wacky acting that made millions of fans laugh around the world is no longer from that time, he would be ready to come back if a serious project was brought to him on the table, and not just any.

I believe that after so many years, you know…unless a genius director, an author, comes to you with a new approach… If Chris Nolan came to me and said, ‘I want to do an Ace Ventura and I want to do something more interesting’I will listen to it. But otherwise, I find that after this long, there’s no cell in your body that belongs to the person back then, you just end up mimicking what you did in the good old days, the inspiration is no longer there. “

A credible project?

Christopher Nolan directing a Ace Ventura ? It is hard to imagine such a project coming to fruition. Nevertheless, Nolan and Jim Carrey have something in common. In 2002, the pair collaborated on a biopic of filmmaker and aviator Howard Hugheswho was finally nipped in the bud, because in parallel, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio fired Aviator -dedicated to this same Howard Hughes- which was released 2 years later, in 2004.

So, 20 years later, will this very slight appeal to the filmmaker, who is still just as bankable, be able to tickle him? The American filmmaker behind the trilogy The Black Knight, Dunkirk or more recently Principle is currently filmingOppenheimerbiographical film about Robert Oppenheimer, the American scientist behind the first atomic bomb.

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