The Northman the movie: The Vikings are thirsty for revenge in a dark and brutal trailer

Cultural News The Northman the movie: The Vikings are thirsty for revenge in a dark and brutal trailer

The Vikings series is over, Vikings: Valhalla is in production, The Lost Kingdom has seen its 5th and final season aired and awaits its conclusion as a film. But from May 11, the Scandinavians will be back with The Northman, a long-awaited film!

The Bourne Ultimatum

The action of The man from the north takes place in Iceland in the tenth century. Over these volcanic lands reigns a Viking king who is reunited with his family after years of expeditions and battles. Unfortunately it is murdered by his brother Fjolnir in front of his sonAmleth, who then swears revenge and frees his mother. Directed by Robet Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse), the film has been praised by several filmmakers who tell audiences to expect something very different from recent productions themed “Viking Age”.

A “brutal, bloodthirsty and spectacular” film

The first reviews describe a brutal and visceral film, with shots made with great intelligenceand carried by an “exceptional” cast. One of the opinions even mentions a comparison with 300Zack Snyder’s movie. In the skin of the Viking in search of revenge, we will find Alexander Skarsgård, alongside whom we will find Nicole Kidmanwho said she was overwhelmed by the feature film, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke. For his part, the director Alphonse Cuaron (Gravity) said he was blown away by the atmosphere of the film, the spectacle offered, and the great attention to detail :

All shots are loaded with all the thematic elements of the film. I have to admit it’s a very complex thing, what he does is very complicated. He gives the impression of being intoxicated. You are there, and you breathe with these actors.

A new trailer that sets the tone

While waiting to discover this film in its entirety, a new trailer, subtitled in French, depicts a strange atmosphere, straddling pure brutality and a spiritual dimension that is impossible to deny. We thus alternate between “bestial” sequences and extracts eyeing the side of the mystical.

Throughout the two minutes of the video, the character repeats his promise “Father, I will avenge you”which aims to give viewers the impression of being taken by Amleth’s obsession, present since his childhood. But the warrior Will he be able to exact his revenge and reclaim his kingdom? Answer on May 11 at the cinema.

Cheerful first feedback

Before leaving us, here is a small anthology of the first reactions on the film. If you find that they lack detail, it is normal, because an embargo is still in progress:

The Northman is BRUTAL. Skarsgård oozes revenge-fueled ferocity from start to finish. I loved the choice to capture so much action and heavy dialogue in a single shot. The outstanding cast shines and lets you feel every ounce of the film’s passion and aggression. (…)

A bit of a lazy shortcut perhaps, but The Northman is essentially Robert Eggers’ answer to 300. Violent, visceral, eerie and at times stunningly beautiful, it’s a huge action flick that comes mixed in with some genuinely haunting scenes. . Skarsgard is an absolute beast. (Rory Cashin)

Watching Robert Eggers’ Viking revenge epic The Northman, I often alternated between clapping and squealing. Stunning and repulsive choreography in a way that I still can’t fully accept. Not without its setbacks, it’s the kind of film whose existence is likened to a miracle today, so I’m taking it. (Variety)

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