What to watch this weekend on Netflix, Prime Video and company?


The closed cases of Case closed on Prime Video, the family mafia ofAnimal Kingdom on Shadowz, the impossible romances of Remnants of the day on Netflix… Our weekend program on streaming platforms.

Like every week, here is a small selection of programs – a series and two films – to watch during your weekend or to add to your (probably) already very long list of things to see. Don’t hesitate to watch the video if you want to know more, especially about the films and series released this week on Netflix, Prime Video and company.

This weekend, we invite you to travel a little in time, to the beginning of the 2000s. The time when police soap operas flourished on our screens. The one that interests us wanders from decade to decade in the 20th century, it is Case closed. We will then go to the Melbourne of the 2010s to meet the infrequent family ofAnimal Kingdom. Our trip will end in the England of the 1930s, in the luxurious mansion of the Remnants of the day with Anthony Hopkins.

Cold Case, Animal Kingdom and The Remains of the Day © Warner Bros. / Madman Entertainment / Columbia Pictures

Case closed South Premier Video

You probably remember, there was a time, long before the rise of SVoD platforms, when our TV evenings were often punctuated by crime series like The experts, NCIS, New York Special Unit and many others. Among these soap operas, there is one that stood out for its unique approach. In Case closedFew ultra advanced scientific investigation or twirling action scenes, but closed cases that we reopen like we wake up ghosts. As often in this kind of program, we follow a team of characters as endearing as they are archetypal, who in this case work on homicides that occurred in a sometimes very distant past. It is therefore necessary to find and question the witnesses and potential suspects, and to reconstruct the story as it goes. Beyond his approach, Case closed shines with the portrait it paints of the 20th century — despite shooting almost entirely in the studio. She tackles very sensitive themes such as homophobia, racism or transphobia, with remarkable delicacy and via often poignant plots. Everything is enhanced by the use of songs from the era mentioned in each episode, from very large groups and artists such as Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Nirvana or Eric Clapton.

Animal Kingdom on Shadowz

Forget Martin Scorsese or Michael Mann, the best mob film of the 2010s was released in Australia. For his first feature film, director David Michôd did very well with Animal Kingdom. If we feel the inspiration of the great masters of the genre, the film manages to trace a refreshing furrow by anchoring its story in the city of Melbourne, little frequented by the cinema. We follow a teenager who is a little lost following the death of his mother, forced to join the only family he has left, a band of more or less frequentable thugs led by two charismatic leaders. As indicated by his name, Animal Kingdom makes his characters a veritable pack where the law of the strongest reigns. At this little game, Ben Mendelsohn impresses as an unstable and worrying uncle. It is no coincidence that since this revelation, the Australian actor has gone to show his sinister villain face in Batman, star wars Where Loan player one. At his side, the rest of the cast is not left out with the fine flower of the country of kangaroos, like Joel Edgerton, Guy Pearce or Jacki Weaver. The film is available on Shadowz, accessible in particular via the chains from Prime Video, and it’s worth at least taking the trial period for this film.

The remnants of the day on Netflix

If you like costume films, luxurious mansions, forbidden romances and small stories in the big one, The remnants of the day is made for you. Carried by an impressive cast led by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, this feature film by James Ivory presents the story of Stevens, a butler devoted body and soul to his work in the service of Lord Darlington. In the 1930s, the latter began to slip insidiously towards Nazism by associating with other European aristocrats, under the neutral but internally circumspect gaze of his butler. At the same time, Stevens gradually falls in love with Miss Kenton, the recently recruited steward, without letting his feelings show through. Told in the style of an epistolary tale, the film manages to brilliantly blend its two levels of intrigue. Its impossible romance is particularly touching, but the political message behind it makes it even more tragic. It is also a chilling testimony to the inaction and even the complacency of the European nobility in the face of Hitler’s seizure of power in Germany, which unfortunately still resonates today when other dictators sow chaos. on the Old Continent…

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