“a first women’s film festival in Bastia, you had to be there!”

This Thursday, after the screenings of a film and a documentary, the public was able to attend a round table around the Foundation for Women, Women and Cinema, in the presence of many island film professionals: Julie Allione, Coco Orsoni, Marie-Jeanne Tomasi, Rebekah Fieschi, Marie Murcia… Julie Gayet presented her actions and her fights for many years now for the freedom and rights of women and against the violence of which they are victims. .

The actress and director also denounces the gender inequalities that the film industry allows to persist. In 2019, she co-produced with Christie Mola a documentary by Géraldine Maillet: “ The moment to shine, the Blues on their way to the world which tells the story of five players who are preparing for the competition. That same year she presented her documentary “ What is a women’s film? at the Pauillac Film Festival. Julie Gayet was also involved in the #MaintenantOnAgit campaign, which aims to support associations helping women who are victims of violence.. Finally, she is co-founder of the info-endometriosis association, sponsor of the Women’s Health Fund, an organization of gynecologists and member of the 50/50 Collective, which aims to promote equality between women and men and diversity. in film and audiovisual.

Yet very much in demand, Julie Gayet made a point of honoring the Bastia event organized by the CAB and Arte Mare with her presence: “ A first women’s film festival in Bastia, you had to be there. It’s great, it’s courageous, it’s important to exchange, to try to change the perception of things and to discuss. And Corsican women, it’s a beautiful subject »
But how did Julie Gayet come to this fight? : “ The fight came over the years by seeing the differences, the salary inequalities. And things are not moving fast enough. Maybe we need to get more involved, find solutions. This must go through discussion, meetings, speech, exchange, awareness and above all not through violence. In 2017, the liberation of women’s speech has already changed a lot of things in the world. In society from an early age we can change things “.

And in the world of cinema in all this?
Unfortunately, in the cinema it’s the same thing, there is no parity. In the cinema, there are only 27% of directors, 8% on TV. But things changed with the arrival of Delphine Ernotte as president of France Television. She decided on parity, like at school, 50/50. This will allow young girls to have work. You should also know that female directors are paid 47% less than male directors. Similarly, if we take the jobs of hairdresser or make-up artist, which in the cinema are 80% women, men who do this same job are paid 17% more. It is for all these reasons that I joined the Women’s Foundation to raise funds for associations in the field. “.

And its news?
At the end of April, a new mini-series in which I play alongside Tomer Sisley and Eden Ducourant will be broadcast on TF1 – A Perfect Mother. This series is adapted from the novel “The perfect mother” by Nina Darnton and is directed by Fred Garson. It’s a gripping 4-episode thriller that tells the story of a woman whose peaceful, bourgeois life in Berlin is turned upside down the day a phone call informs her that her daughter, a student in Paris, is the main suspect in a murder. She therefore goes there to conduct her own investigation with the help of a French lawyer, her childhood sweetheart, whom she had not seen for twenty years. “.

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