Ezra Miller could be fired from the DCEU

Actor Ezra Miller, who plays the flash in the DCEU, is said to be in the hot seat after his arrest in Hawaii last month.

If all goes well, if all the stars are aligned and no zombie apocalypse or alien invasion occurs in the meantime, the flash is set to hit theaters next year after a long, long stretch of the wilderness. To quickly redo the history, Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen in October 2014 and his solo movie was announced over eight years ago.

The project skated on for several years, stuck in development, before principal photography was finally (or rather miraculously) completed in 2021. The DC feature was originally scheduled to hit theaters in November 2022, but last March Warner finally pushed it back to June 2023. And after that, Ezra Miller is not expected to put on his red suit anytime soon as the magazine recently reported rolling stone.

The fall before the finish line

On March 28, the actor was indeed arrested in Hilo, Hawaii, for disturbing the peace and harassment before his release on bail, which the press had not failed to relay. Shortly after, a local couple also filed for a restraining order against the actor after he allegedly broke into their apartment to threaten them with death and steal personal effects, including a wallet. The restraining order has been granted, while its extension must be decided by the judge later this month.

At the time the arrest became known in the press, neither the principal concerned nor the studio made any public statements. But the situation would have apparently created a wind of panic internally since according to the source of the media, DC Films and Warner would have held an emergency meeting from March 30 to decide the future of Ezra Miller in the DCEU.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: photo, Ezra MillerEzra Miller in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The studio would thus have decided to pause all future appearances in the Expanded Universe, with the exception of the flashwhich is out of production and should reboot the entire main canon. Warner would leave a year before taking more radical decisions concerning the possible continuation of the flashwhich could therefore be canceled or entrusted to a new interpreter. Already in April 2020, the actor found himself at the heart of a controversy after a supposed video of him shows him suffocating a woman in an Icelandic bar. No arrests were made at the time and the actor has never commented on the case since.

The article of rolling stone clarified, however, that these images had already alerted the studio at the time, but that the actor – unlike Johnny Depp – was not ultimately ousted from the Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. Warner would have avoided making binding decisions for its blockbusters before Discovery took control of Warner Media. We can therefore imagine that if the spin-off saga ofHarry Potter continues its momentum, the fourth opus will certainly have to do without Croyance Bellebosse.

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