Louane and Florian Rossi it’s over, his cash answer!

Louane and her companion spend time away from each other and an Internet user takes the opportunity to blackmail her, which amuses everyone.

Louane unveils her daughter Esmée for the first time on video, Internet users melt.

Louane is an artist who no longer presents herself. Revealed during her participation in The Voice in 2013, she then proves in parallel that she can not only be a wonderful singer, she can also be a fantastic actress. Indeed, Louane’s first album was released in 2015 and it received all the votes.

Louane and Florian Rossi the news

It was simply France’s best-selling album that year. And he offered Louane a Victoire de la Musique as the revelation of the year.

But the year of the release of her first album, the young woman was also rewarded with the César for best female hope. However, even today, success does not leave the star of a sole.

A success that even invited itself into his private life. Since Louane is in a relationship with Florian Rossi and the couple welcomed the fruit of their love in the person of Esme, in March 2020.

Close to her fans and active on social networks, Louane made people talk about her with a surprising story this February 6 on Instagram. While posting a photo of her and her boyfriend, to tell her that she missed him a lot, she found herself caught up in a hilarious blackmail affair.

People Act Magazine will grant you, it doesn’t normally make much sense to have fun with a blackmail case. But you will be of our opinion by understanding the underside of this whole story.

Louane is the victim of blackmail on Instagram?

Louane and Florian Rossi have been in a relationship since the summer of 2018 according to the press. They were brought to meet since they work in the same field, that of music. Indeed, Florian Rossi is a talented musician, composer, producer and musical director. As for Louane, our readers know it, she is an artist who knows how to surround herself with the best. Impossible to know when and under what circumstances the flame of love appeared between these two beings.

Because, the singer makes sure to protect her privacy as much as possible. Accessing the notoriety that is hers at a very young age allowed her to understand that she had to know how to differentiate the Louane singer from the Louane companion and mother in particular.

But if questions remain about his relationship, there should be no doubt about the love that exists between Louane and Florian Rossi. Indeed, photos of lovers are not uncommon on the singer’s Instagram account. Also, People Act Magazine does not hide from you that they have the gift of melting Louane’s fans.

In particular one of the latest, published this February 6 by the star. In this photo, Louane and her companion appear very close.

And it’s the coup de grace for Internet users when they discover the caption of this publication: “I miss you”. It must be said that Louane recently confessed in the columns of Gala magazine that she had “an incredible guy”.

It must therefore have been difficult to spend time away from him and she made it known on her social networks.

A joke that has entertained more than 1 million Internet users

But now, it’s a fan named Simon Lesaint who played Louane’s touching statement. He wrote, in the comments of this post: “We have your man, if you want to see him alive again, make a story or sing “no scrubb” in French. You have until noon tomorrow, then we’ll force him to eat cheese. “, he wrote, thus openly blackmailing the artist.

However, our colleagues from the magazine Here rightly identify this Internet user as being a famous musician. Musician who works notably as a drummer for Stromae or for Aya Nakamura. You will understand, it is a friend of Louane and Florian Rossi. So, the singer will play the game and accede to Simon Lesaint’s request.


It was therefore an opportunity for Louane fans to enjoy this exchange. Since they could not only laugh at the situation but also listen to their favorite star perform “no scrubb” in a story on his Instagram account. The “blackmailer” then recognized Louane’s performance and therefore agreed to send him back “safe and sound” on Tuesday evening, February 8.

A relief for Louane who continued to play the game by sharing the slightest twist with his subscribers. And People Act Magazine can tell you that they loved this episode.

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