Racism in Outaouais: the Intrepid suspends six players for the rest of the season

All players of the Intrépide U15 AAA team will be the subject of a program of education and awareness meetings with regard to the phenomenon of discrimination in all its forms.explains the organization of this sport-studies program in a press release.

The Intrepid reiterated its apologies to Anthony Allain Samake and his teammate who both denounced situations of racism at the start of this week.

Anthony’s mother, Julie Allain, admitted to being relieved by the Intrepid’s decision. There’s a sense of relief that it’s finally being taken seriously. Discriminatory remarks should not exist. It should be zero tolerance!

However, she did not hide that she would have liked it to be taken more quickly. The past few weeks have been quite difficult for the family. I never thought it would come to this.

Since the start of the season, Anthony Allain Samake has claimed to have been constantly bullied by other players because of the color of his skin (archives).

Photo: provided by the family of Anthony Allain Samake

Ms. Allain assured that Anthony still wanted to play hockey. However, he does not know in which uniform his journey will continue.

We deplore the incidents that have occurred and we regret the impact they have had on the two young players targeted by the racist gestures and comments. We are committed to eliminating discriminatory behavior or languagesays the president of the Intrepid, Michel André.

Keep in mind that the people involved are minors and that the objective of the steps taken is first and foremost to promote awareness and better discernment in the context of relationships between individuals. »

A quote from Michel André, President of the Gatineau Intrepid

Intervention of Hockey Quebec

Earlier Friday, Hockey Quebec’s board of directors requested the suspension of all parties involved.

The C.A. first instructed the Intrepid M15 AAA to suspend anyone involved in the allegations until the Complaints Officer’s investigations are concluded.

A blurred photo of hockey players.

Hockey Quebec has decided to cancel the two games of the Intrépide de l’Outaouais M15 AAA scheduled for this weekend.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Hockey Quebec has also decided to cancel the two games of this training on the schedule this weekend. This decision was made in concert with the Quebec Hockey League of Excellence.

At the end of March, two other hockey players in the region spoke publicly and claimed to have been victims of racist remarks. They were David Godwin, from the Voiliers d’Aylmer, and Jean Bosco Citegetse, from the Loups des Collines, both M15 BB level.

Portrait of David Godwin.

David Godwin was the first Outaouais hockey player to tell his story (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexander Behne

David’s mother, Vicky Deselliers, was also relieved when she read Hockey Quebec’s press release. I am really happy that these young people are listened to. People will learn that these are comments that cannot be said and that there are penalties that will be applied.

Hockey Quebec also requested a third action, that is to say that people involved in events that concern other U15 BB teams be suspended pending the conclusion of the investigations.

It is essential to protect the alleged victims by taking immediate action. »

A quote from Yves Sigouin, President of the Board of Hockey Quebec

For several weeks, the Godwin-Deselliers family has been fighting for David’s message to be heard and for things to change. Sometimes she felt like she was leading an endless battle and that it did not bear fruit.

There must be awareness. Perhaps these young people are not racist per se. But their comments hurt. It is discriminating for the person who receives ithis mother said.

She also says she is proud of her son and the other hockey players who have spoken publicly. He didn’t want that. On the other hand, at some point, we have no choice. He’s been stressed out by it all, but he’s fineshe assured.

On the other hand, Ms. Deselliers was very touched by the wave of love that followed. His son was able to speak with former hockey player Georges Laraque, the captain of the Gee-Gees of the University of Ottawa, Yvan Mongo, as well as the federal deputy Greg Fergus.

He spoke with many people who, like him, have experienced discrimination. They told him not to let go and to make his place. I think it did him good.

As for Georges Laraque, he welcomed the decisions taken on Friday, but regrets that it was necessary to move heaven and earth to get there. The main interested party believes that there is still a lot of work to be done in the region to prevent other young people from experiencing racism.

I think I’m going to get even more involved. I’m going to the Outaouais to give talks. Clearly, there is awareness to be done to stop it.

Georges Laraque in interview.

Former hockey player Georges Laraque was the victim of racism very often during his minor hockey. He wants the discrimination to stop (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada

Zero tolerance

Hockey Quebec reiterates the importance of fighting against any act of racism, intimidation or harassment within our teams. No gesture should be tolerated and all actors involved have a responsibilitydetails the Federation in a press release.

The Chairman of the Board, Yve Sigouin, reiterated that any racist behavior is unacceptable in hockey and in our society. It is very important to act immediately.

With information from Alexandra Angers

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