the mutinous post-punk of Wet Leg

Last summer, a first single, lounge chairmade you want to believe it. Believe in the end of the pandemic, in the return of concerts and parties. But also to the faculty of indie rock to still write hits (in a way Cannonball Breeders or take me out by Franz Ferdinand). And to the possible future of Wet Leg, an unknown group led by two natives of the Isle of Wight, Rhian Teasdale, 28, and Hester Chambers, 27… All this in just over 3 minutes, powered by an intro minimalist bass, tongue-in-cheek vocals extolling the merits of being lazy against a background of leaping riffs.

Supported by a video cleverly cobbled together by the ladies, the title went viral (10 million streams, more than 3.5 million views on YouTube). A few weeks later, a second single, wet dreammocking an ex’s sexual obsessions (“What makes you think you’re good enough to think about me while you’re touching yourself?” “) confirmed the pleasing immediacy of this mischievous post-punk. Before a steady burst of exciting tunes and eccentric clips (Angelica, Your mom, Oh no, Too late now…) reaffirming the potential phenomenon, given credibility, this April 8, by a first album, wet legquivering with mischievous energy, effectively enhanced by the production of Dan Carey (Fontaines DC, Black Midi, Squid…). Former reference weekly for British rock, now exclusively digital, the NME recently headlined about this first record: “An instant classic that justifies the hype”.

Rhian Teasdale, vocals and guitar: “Don’t worry too much, trust what quickly comes out of your brain”

A little overwhelmed by the buzz accompanying this take-off, Rhian Teasdale (vocals and guitar) and Hester Chambers (guitar and vocals) prefer to laugh about it like two friends having made yet another joke. “Nothing we do is intentional” laughs the blonde Chambers, in a voice as flute as her silhouette is slender. More imposing, but with an equally “girly” tone, the brunette Teasdale, met in Paris, with her accomplice, in mid-February, reveals part of the secret of their eye-catching fantasy: “Don’t worry too much, trust what quickly comes out of your brain, even if it may seem silly, and above all surround yourself with like-minded people. »

“Clever, happy and colorful”

Domino record label boss, who signed Wet Leg a few weeks after the release of lounge chairLaurence Bell knows all about rock sensation, he who published, among others, the first albums of Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something so fresh, smart, joyful and colorful” said the Londoner, reached on the phone, remembering his discovery of the duo. What hope for a return of guitars that are long overdue? “There is always room for rock, does he want to hope, as long as we have something to say and an original way of doing it. Even if today it is more complicated to set up a group. » Cost of equipment, rehearsal space and tours… “It’s easier for kids to make music on their own on the computer, especially in town. Maybe it’s because the girls of Wet Leg come from the countryside and they didn’t imagine a career plan that they succeeded. »

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