the singer is preparing two albums and a film soundtrack

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Mika is on all fronts. While he will present the Eurovision final in Turin on May 14 alongside Laura Pausini, the singer should have started a new American tour a few days ago entitled “For The Rite of Spring”. But sick and on doctor’s orders the artist was forced to cancel his planned concert in Boston and postpone the one planned in New York to April 12. It is therefore in the city that never sleeps that Mika should finally find its audience in a few days. There is always an almost conceptual artistic side to my concerts and it is very important to preserve he confesses for the canadian media The Expressannouncing some surprising inventions during his concerts.

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It must be said that the interpreter of “Relax (Take It Easy)” redoubles his inventiveness for each of his projects. He also saw the period of the pandemic as an opportunity to reinvent things : We say to ourselves: “OK we take time, we can value what we do, can we do it better?” I have worked much more than several artists and I am aware of it . Indeed, Mika has enjoyed artistic collaborations or shows with a symphony orchestra over the past two years. And even cooking videos on social networks! When the pandemic arrived I had another way of expressing myself. I had the opportunity to do it because I wasn’t just waiting for the usual formatted things and frameworks to be able to present myself and express myself. he continues.

“I want to continue building a universe”

If he is about to approach the presentation of Eurovision 2022 with lightness ( I love this type of challenge, for me it’s super fun ), Mika’s many artistic projects obviously include his return to music. And rather twice than once! Because the British singer announces that he is about to release two albums, three years after the excellent “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”. And a first glimpse could arrive very quickly! You will start hearing new music in the coming months. I want to continue building a universe. It’s really just the beginning continue for The Express the one who could well be the Crocodile in “Mask Singer” season 3: I always have the idea that I can find and rediscover inspiration. What I do can inspire others, and that’s an eternal challenge. . Another project in the pipeline, Mika is preparing to record an original film soundtrack which should be released in 2023. To do this, he will record tribes in the desert.

With this new album, “there is a letting go”

A series of challenges for the interpreter of “Tiny Love” who says a little more for The Voice of the East. Because where his last album was a search in [son] identify and a difficult time when he had to deal with the death of his mother, his new songs will be brighter. I find myself with an album where, all of a sudden, there is an absurd freedom, a letting go too. It’s as if I had wind under my wings and I don’t know where this wind is coming from. Perhaps it is the spirit of all the people I love and have lost in recent years who are carrying me with serious lightness. That’s what I call a slightly punk spirit, but at the same time very poetic and very pop analyzes the singer. For him, pop will therefore be the watchword of this new project: Pop is not superficial. Pop can fill your heart, can quicken your heart, can make you more resilient to life and everyday challenges. This album is truly a tribute to . Long live!

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